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Don't beg for the votes!
Dont make 10 versions of one GFX-4 versions maximum!

Make the support banner for Sweet Store & vote for other banners!
Everyone is good at making GFX but you can prove you can do better than good!

How to vote?
1. Member: I am singing up for a contest,heres the banner: [image]
2. Member: Heres my: [image]
Other member: I vote for the competitor number 2! (2.member who posted their banner)

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xD I know it kinda sucks.. but here it is C:

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Chanteur wrote:

Im gonna do one so Im reserving this spot for now = w= <33

Oki doki.
U r competitor number 1
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Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/1/11
Is it any theme? :O
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sakura509 wrote:

Is it any theme? :O

Nope. Just random. It can be anime or real life :3
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Posted 8/31/12 , edited 8/31/12
I'm not really doing this for the contest part since this was a while ago, but I've made some anyway because I'm just in love with the group hehe <3

I'm also not too good at this since I only have the tools provided free by my oh-so-lovely internetz x3 Here goes though:

Codes (remove *):
Linked: [*link url=""][*crimg]WhiteKitten:61201661[/crimg*][/link*]
Without Link: [*crimg]WhiteKitten:61201661[/crimg*]

Do as you like with it haha :3
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