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Favorite Lesbian Couple?

I believe the Nagisa x Shizuma is one of the most ADORABLE couples ever! strait OR gay :3 the anime is really good, full of drama, kinkyness, and love :3 Watch it! ( (Strawberry Panic)

Himeko x Chikane could actully be wayy more romantic. Chikane and Himeko were always destined to be together, after every life they live, one of the other has to kill the other. Its full of drama and saddness. I cried more in this anime than Strawberry Panic. Check it out :3
Kannazuki no Miko ♥♥♥

(the anime i cried most in was Clannad. Air being the second)
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Hm.... i think my fav would have to be mio and ritsu even though they arent technically a couple XD
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Tegan and Sara, of course xD and Tatu
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