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Welcome to scarlet Academy.

This school was made for the sole purpose of bringing the creatures of our world together. Humans, monsters, angels, and demons alike. In order for you to go to this school you must understand how it works. So let's get started.

We understand that with a multitude of different people, races, and ages their will be arguments. Which is why Scarlet Academy has it's own a battle room. Every week two groups of three will be randomly selected from different races, grade, ages, and classes, and are asked to work to together to fight the opposite group while other classmates spectate. The winning team will receive a special item to assist them in school or the battle room This will give students a chance to not only settle rivalries but also give them a chance to learn to rely on one another. The Battle Room will also be open to 1 on 1 sparring but for no rewards. Of course their are rules for these battles:

1: No godmodding
2: No foul language (cursing or racism, name calling as long as its appropriate is allowed)
3.:Be fair
4: Don't be a sore loser
5: Have fun

While this is a place for you to become friends and date your fellow class mates this is still a school as well so thus you will need to take classes. Each student must take seven classes and one study hall. These classes will have numerous opportunities for you to get to know your new friends better. Scarlet Academy also has classes for training certain skills for the battle room. The classes are as follows: (More to be added on soon)

Regular Classes:
Foreign language: Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish
Computer Science
Digital Art

Battle Classes:
Close combat
War tactics

While in school, students should keep things PG-13. Students may date, hang out, or do pretty much anything on school campus. Such activities include the movies, karaoke, dance club, park, cafe, and more. While on campus students must follow all rules.

1. Keep action PG-13
2. No foul Language
3. Ecchi is okay but hentai actions are out of the question. (Ecchi includes: kissing, ACCIDENTAL pantsu shot, ACCIDENTAL groping)
4. No fighting outside of the Battle room

That is all. If you have any questions just post them.


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