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22 / M / Zanian96
Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/29/11
This is the part where you pick what race and what powers your character has. No overpowering your characters and you can use any race or power you want.

Here's the form;

Character Name:

Here's mine;


P.S. Yes, this post was edited by Sakura-chan. =P
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
Character Name: Emiri Hisoka
Race: Elf
Powers: (Magic is often seen as god-modding in role-plays, so I took the time to explain the process in which she casts her spells, the things necessary for use of magic, the penalties, and things that prevent her from using magic or using magic correctly. I would say that it proves her magic is not an all-powerful art.)She can use a special type of magic. Her magic requires that she first she must charge mana into a special jewel. The mana can be from either her own mana pool(If received this way it will either cause fatigue, cause her to faint for various amounts of time, or shorten her life span, depending on the amount of mana taken), or it can be taken from her surroundings(Everything that is alive has mana, and some items can be enchanted to store mana). Next, she must focus on a target. Third, she imagines what she would like to happen to the target. Fourth, she must accept what will be the result of her magic. Lastly, it is required that she say a secret password(making it impossible for someone to use a magic jewel's powers unless they were told the password by the jewel's owner), and if the password is correct, the jewel will release the collected mana and trigger the requested magic.
Note 1: Most creatures have enough mana that they naturally repel having their mana drained by magic-users. (Meaning, Emiri can't drain mana from other characters in the role-play. That would be way too unfair! She can only drain it from nearby plants or things like that.)
Note 2: She cannot use magic of any kind when she is within 5 meters of an "Elf Cross"(also known as a Pentagram). Also, anyone wearing an Elf Cross is completely immune to her magic. (So, that's her greatest weakness. Elf crosses are actually from Scandinavian folklore, they're said to keep evil elves away. But, I altered it a bit.)
Note 3: If she isn't fully concentrated and is distracted when using her magic, the results will be undesirable. This commonly occurs when she casts multiple spells in a row from her own mana pool, or when the enemy distracts her in some way.
Note 4: It may be fairly obvious at this point, but I find it worthy to state she cannot use magic without her magic jewel.
She has novice Judo and Archery abilities that she is practicing in Judo and Archery class at Scarlet Academy. (I'm not sure if these were meant to be put in the 'Powers' section, but I thought I should probably add them in.)
Other: She wears her magic jewel as a bracelet on her left wrist.
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Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11

Very extensive and impressive. I must say it kinda wore me out reading it but it was a very good read.

Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11

Thank you, I had fun writing it. =D
When will the role-play be started?
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20 / F / Down Under
Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11

I'm not sure yet. Maybe when we have more people? So invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends and we'll be on the role play bandwagon faster!
Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11

"Group invitations sent to 80 users! 12 users are already members or invited to this group."
I hope that will help. =D
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F / The White House
Posted 7/31/11 , edited 7/31/11
Character name: Camellia
Race: Half dragon half soul reaper
Powers: Zanpakuto/kido (up to 33 without spell), breathe fire, Shape shift Dragon, Shape shift soul reaper, shape shift Human
Other: Zanpakuto
Name: Renco
Gender: Male
Powers: Shikai - Bankai, Can materialize (This is after the Muramasa Zanpakuto arc)
Renco: ....(yes i made it in paint, yes it sucks.... )

So, thats my story, its the foundation for the rest of the story but i don't want to fource you to read to much.... although that was alot..... anyway thats it.... =)
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/10/11
Character Name: Junko
Race: Ice Maker.
Powers: Molds Ice.
Other: My Ice Maker ability allows me to mold anything to ice. That's why I'm practicing Kendo, Judo, and Archery. I know Kendo, and Judo have nothing to do with ice, but I really like them, so I'm happy to learn them. And maybe if i don't need to use my Ice power, I have Kendo and Judo to back me up. I'm also learning Archery because I can make a bow and arrows out of ice. So basically I can make any weapon I want out of ice, I can also copy things too.
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21 / F / Konoha
Posted 8/13/11 , edited 8/14/11
Character Name:Miyako Ibuka
Race: Wolf demon
Powers: Can transform into a silver wolf with green eyes

Other: Always has a sword with her. (A katana) she never wields it because if she does, she will stay a wolf forever. She also has free use of air/wind. Can use all the air around her to make a huge whirlwind/hurricane ect...
This is the katana (The blue-green should be the same color as her eyes)

She looks like this, except the hair should be more silver and she's really shy.
PS: Her wolf form and her human form have the same eyes and the fur in wolf form is the same color as her hair in human form.
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24 / F / At the beach
Posted 9/10/11 , edited 9/10/11
Character Name:snow
Race: demom
Powers:mind controller, archery, magic.
Other:a charm bracelet that can shield her.
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21 / F / somewhere in the...
Posted 10/18/11 , edited 10/18/11
Character Name: Mio Yukihara
Race: angel and witch
Powers: magic use (wand magic, hand magic and verbal magic), mind reading, heart reading, flying, emotion's controler, hypnosis.
Other: golden archery kit that appears at her back whenever she cast it, charm neckalge that let's her travel in time or teletransport a
a charm bracelet that makes her stronger, when there are people with a big amount of posotive aura/ energy (hapiness, love, friendship, joy, etc.), and makes her loose power, whenever there are people with a big amount of negative aura/energy (jelousness, hate, anger, sadness, etc.)
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20 / F / My awsmazing base...
Posted 11/21/11 , edited 11/21/11
Character Name: Angelica and Dena
Race: Angelica is an Angel and Dena is a Devil
Powers: They both can fly, they can both become a haft angel haft devil and if you get angelica upset she will turn into a devil
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