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<<< this dumb creator.. to be honest made this group since january but cause the mistake of written to be aono exorcist . this dumb (again) creator finally made it again about 10 march 2011. oh and how this creator know ao no exorcist because.. (when I bored to read D.Gray-man.. coz katsura hoshino idea right nao kinda sux.. sorry katsura-sensei ;A; doesn't mean to mocking you..) then I found some manga with exorcist thingy made me interested. and also when I saw SPRING ANIME SCHEDULE 2011 it will be adopted to be anime.. and my fav seiyuu KAMIYAN AND FUKUJUN is there LMAOO so I decided to love the series. then it's produced by A-1 (which also produced oofuri and kuroshitsuji) Excited? OF COURSE. now please tell about your opinions guys how do you know about this series and why do you like it.
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I'm loving the series so far.
I found it because I'm a big 2PM fan. I was downloading 2PM's album "Take Off" (the first ending song for Blue Exorcist.), and decided to search for the lyrics for it, because it was a catchy song.
And it eventually lead me to this anime. I thought it had to be a pretty cool show to have 2PM singing it's ending theme. Yeah. :D
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When I saw the Upcoming Anime chart I started reading it at first before it was aired cuz I got attached to the story line ..and that's why I like the manga more than the anime..8D
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