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Our beloved Uke Tsuna.... :DD

"Don't you think that Jyuudaime is going to the reception room often?"Gokudera asked."He knows what he's doing.."Yamamoto yawned,sweeping the floors lazily."Let's just wait for him in his house.."He said."Alright..."Gokudera sighed.Tsuna was holding a lunch box while standing in front of the reception room.


Tsuna opened the door leaving a small 'creek' at the door."I-I brought you something to eat.."Tsuna slightly blushed."Because..I never saw you eat anything. So..I-I gave you this."Tsuna handed Hibari a lunch box with sushi and onigiri inside.Hibari smiled."You sure are a warm and kind herbivore."He replied.Tsuna placed the lunch box on top of the coffee table."Would you like to eat now,Hibari-san?"Tsuna warmly asked,while looking to Hibari.Tsuna was daydreaming that he was in front of an almighty God.Tsuna blinked so he could snap out of it.

Before Tsuna would say something,Hibari kissed him on the lips."H-Hibari-san!"Tsuna pushed Hibari,but Hibari was much stronger.Hibari let go of Tsuna,which was blushing."Just eat your food..."He was acting like a tsundere,not like the normal Tsuna."Alright."Hibari ate a sushi while giving an onigiri to Tsuna."Here."Tsuna was hungry,so he gently opened his mouth."Gulp! Agh!Hibari-san!"Hibari strongly shoved the onigiri to Tsuna's mouth."Sorry."

Tsuna and Hibari continued eating quietly....

Me:Shet.It's short.

Tsuna:Aww...Don't worry.


Tsuna:EH?!? S-Stop crying!

Me:*laughs* You're too kind! *snorts*

Tsuna:*starts to cry*

Hibari:What did you do to him?

Me:Shut it,Carnivore.

*Hibari holding tonfas.*

Me:Come on!

*Hibari chases me*

Chapter 5 coming soon!
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