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✖-- Don't rush the mods
✖-- Say "thank you" after your request has been completed
✖-- No spamming.
✖-- Always put your picture in a spoiler
✖-- Provide HQ pictures or else it will be skipped.
✖-- After we complete your banner or avatar request make sure to use it
✖-- Don't ask for a specific mod
✖-- You can only request one graphic at a time
✖--Make a payment of 2 photos & invite buddies

To Mods

✖-- Please put either "taken by" or "done" or "pending" on the request
✖-- Upload avatar/banner in the photo album
✖-- Have fun


✖--Username ::
✖--Type of graphic [Avatar l l Banner l l icon l l profile l l ect.] ::
✖--Text ::
✖--Size ::
✖--Extras ::
✖--Did you make a payment [2 photos & invite buddies] ::
✖--Picture [put in spoiler] ::

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here you go ^^ i hope you like it ! sorry that it's late and if its plain, let me know if you want any changes :3
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