[Upcoming Film 2012] Ai to Makoto 201X
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Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/2/11

It’s been announced that Tsumabuki Satoshi and Takei Emi will star in a movie, called “Ai to Makoto 201X“, which is scheduled to be released in 2012, and Miike Takashi will direct the film.

“Ai to Makoto” is originally a manga series written by Kajiwara Ikki, illustrated by Nagayasu Takumi, and it was serialized on “Weekly Shonen Magazine” from 1973 ~ 1976.

It’s a youth story featuring a strong love between Taiga Makoto (Tsumabuki), who is a juvenile delinquent high school boy, and Saotome Ai (Takei), who is a pure high school girl.

“Ai to Makoto” has been released as a TV drama in 1974, and it has also gotten a movie adaptation three times from 1974 ~ 1976. The story has a theme of “bond”, such as love and friendship, therefore the production company has planned to make the 4th film adaptation, after the earthquake, with a thought of, “This is filled up with elements of what Japan needs right now.”

The movie will include many action scenes using CG, and not only the love between the protagonists, but also Tsumabuki’s fighting scenes in “regent hairstyle” will be a “must see” for the movie

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Tsumabuki Satoshi

Takei Emi
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Posted 7/2/11 , edited 7/2/11
Takei Emi is the new 'it' girl in J-entertainment
Satoshi has a baby face. He can pass as a high school boy

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Posted 7/2/11 , edited 7/2/11
Tsumabuki Satoshi is amazing........ but a high school boy, not sure about that o.o

Takei Emi is also amazing, she is going to be the next Ayase Haruka.
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