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Posted 7/2/11 , edited 7/3/11
I feel like rambling and since it's been such a long time
since I last posted anything in this group I decided that I
should just do so now. Not like I believe anyone still follows
this group though lol

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about the new arch in the series.
Ren is finally confronting his past. He is playing the villan and
remising about his past "crime". Of course there is Kyoko to
keep him from losing his way! XD
Though I think it's a bit of a torture for him to have her so close hehehe
What I am looking forward the most is for the time when everyone
is told that Cain is no other than Ren. That is going to be amazing!

On another note I hope that with all the interaction they are having
Kyoko will grow closer to Ren. We all now how naive and dense she
is. That's what makes her fun but come on! She is still in the dark
about "corn". I dont see how...she's been so close a few times
like that time at the forest during the whole dark moon/stalker episode
where she found ren by the river. And even way back when Ren realized
it himself when she droped the stone he gave her.

Talking about Kyoko, I think that for being the main character
we know very little about her. Sure we know she had a rough
childhood because of her mom and sho's fangirls but nothing else.
Like why doesnt' she have a dad? and is her mom ever going to show
up? Im really curious about this...

anyhoos I am done rambling for now ;D
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