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Zukki, Kanon
Interests, things you're good at.
I like doing karaoke on my computer. I'm good at strange faces and impersonations. The ones I do a lot in front of our fans are bug impersonations, but I also imitate people in the mirror when I'm alone (laugh)
Foods you like.
All meat.
Favorite colors.
Yellow, orange, green
Favorite phrase.
"It'll work out somehow" (laugh)
Strong points, weak points.
My strong point is how my spirit is always high. My weak point is that I can get so excited it's annoying (laugh). I think I'm the loudest one in the 9th gen.
Suzuki Kanon.
I've been told I'm the "moodmaker" by my friends, but inside Morning Musume I get told I'm the one with the highest spirits. I've never described as gloomy or quiet.
"She's really funny. When she shows us her weird faces and impersonations, she makes everyone around her happy, but she's also level-headed at times... Actually, out of us 4 everyone is level-headed except me (laugh)"
- Fukumura Mizuki
"We've been together since the 3rd stage. Out of the 40-ish girls who were there, the one I mostly talked to at times was Kanon. I wonder if our meeting was fate, but since that time her cheerfulness hasn't changed at all"
- Ikuta Erina
"She's exactly like she seems. Energetical, funny, she has the image of a rainbow. She's also very exact. She's very careful with everything she does and I think that's very smart."
- Sayashi Riho
"Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring".
I'm not really a nervous person, and I thought the auditions were fun, but on the first day of the tour I was really nervous as expected. I was only thinking "What should I do?", but 2 hours after it ended it was really fun! I was excited from head to toes! I love concerts.
"Only you".
It's a very cool song, and the parts like "kimi wo mamoru~" are really stong and so cool, I really like them.
Your dream.
I'm the youngest one in Morning Musume, but I'm aiming to become the most sparkly person in Morning Musume.
A message.
10th gen will be picked soon, but so that I don't become an older sister/senpai yet, I want to keep giving my strength to Morning Musume. So please, cheer on me from now on too."
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