Rules and Etiquette
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Posted 7/3/11 , edited 7/21/12
1. Keep your language PG-13 - This means no explicit cursing, but try not to curse at all if possible.
1A. Anything that you could possible think of as being PG-18 should be put inside of a spoiler.
2. No Godmoding: Don't make your character invincible, include flaws! In fights (if there are any), have your characters at least take some hits. Do not kill off a character, too, unless you have talked with the person and it's fine with them.
3. Try to be active in this group. If you are taking a long absence, inform us on the Wall.
4. No cybering
5. Please be descriptive with your post. Try to not use *....* for actions.
6. d0n't [email protected] lyk3 tHI$- People won't be able to read your posts.
7. Please be active after 2 weeks of inactivity, (unless recieving a PM about an absence)you can and will be removed from the group.
8. Please make your character stay in one place at one time. Example: Your character is RPing in the Great Hall as well as the Forbidden Forest. This is impossible. Therefore only be in one place, please.
9. Do not create a new topic. If you have a topic to post, please suggest the topic to a moderator and they might create the topic. We say this because we cannot take this feature away without denying your access to post in the topics.
10. Please, please, please! Try to use proper grammar while in the forums. Such as say ________ (insert character name) smiles at the new wand she/he had just recieved instead of picks up wand -smiles at wand-
11. Try to avoid having quote pyramids, please!

If any of these rules are violated, you may be removed from the group.
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