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Type TV
Episdoes 26
Genre Romance, drama, fantasy
Year 2003

Plot Synopsis
On Daisuke Niwa's Fourteenth birthday, he decides to confront his crush, Risa Harada, with a love letter, although backing away from doing so at the very last moment. Since being young enough to train, Niwa has been training and practicing under his grandfathers observation although he not knowing himself what it was for. On Niwa's fourteenth birthday, he is surprised by himself transforming into the legendary Phantom Thief Dark, who's mission is to steal precious arts. Niwa must now fight his feelings for the one he truly loves while also being confronted by the terrible dangers of being the new host of Dark. Also,at the same time of keeping his mind appon these current complications, he is also being hunted down by his very own classmate,Hiwatari Satoshi, who vows to capture The Phantom Thief Dark and lock him up for his sins.

This adventure runs across in what seems like a European type city, where action takes place with each corner you turn.

Story and characters

The story is quite interesting people, Daisuke Niwa finds one day that when he sees his crush, who has turned him down repeatedly, Risa, he turns into an outgoing, Phantom thief Dark. And he only turn back by seeing the girl he likes.... Risa. But later he found out that his true love isn't Risa but Riku. Dark is hunted by a mysterious student and friend of Daisuke, Satoshi...who turned out to be other self of Dark, Krad. They go through all kinds of adventures, that keeps them all on edge with one another, and Satoshi is always inches away from catching Dark yet he still cant. But sadly in the end Dark disappear.
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