SIGMA (Taiwanese Band)
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Taiwanese solo artist Judy Chou recently joined up with newly formed Mandopop boy band SIGMA. The latest group, consisting of Judy and two debut artists Jett Lee and Tommy Lin, is the latest creation of Mandopop music label giant HIM International Music
As the runner-up in the first season of singing competition One Million Star, Judy heads up the rookie group along with Mrtting and Tommy as they vigorously trained for one year before their debut. The name SIGMA was chosen from the Greek letter ∑ since it represented the meaning of "synergy", and the members hope to combine their music, dancing, and aspirations to be a huge force in Taiwan's Mandopop music industry. Highlight their dedication even further, the group arduously filmed for their latest MV with seventeen hours of singing and dancing before they wrapped up the shoot.
To help with SIGMA's dance choreography, music label HIM enlisted the aid of professional dance choreographer Choi Ki-seok -- whom helped on the dance moves for 2PM, Wonder Girls, and Rain in the past -- in order to part his knowledge to the three SIGMA members. SIGMA left to South Korea at the end of October to train under Choi before recently coming back to Taiwan to continue their practice with two Taiwanese professional dancers and later start the seventeen-hour filming for their latest MV.

Sigma, Taiwan men's team idol, Chinese music power generation by successfully build a power train, SHE , Fahrenheit and other Asian music group popular in Taiwan and Taiwan China International Institute of the strength of record label in December 2010 launched heavy dancing band to sing a new generation of high-quality men's team comprising members from the Chou Wei(Judy), Lijie Yu (Jett) and Lin Weizhe (Tommy) composition. The group on December 10, 2010 official debut, issued on 17 December debut album "sigma album."

Band name: SIGMA
SIGMA fans name:Pandas
Fanclub website:

Group members: Chou Wei , Lijie Yu , Lin Weizhe
  Group name meaning: from the Greek mathematical symbol Σ, meaning "the sum", hoping that through music, dance and dream together, so that the power of more than 1 +1 +1 = 3
  Debut Date: December 10, 2010
Company: China International Music(HIM)
  Company Artist : SHE , Fahrenheit , power train , TANK , Dylan Kuo , Yoga Lin , Pan Yuwen , Xuren Jie , Xu Wanling , Jade Liu , Olivia Ong , Nian Dong , JerryC , Sun Ziyou , Liuming Xiang , Yang Jun Wen

Chinese Name: Zhou Ding Wei
English Name: Judy
  Nickname: Judy, King, Chou rain, devil set, Chow , fixed latitude, rain
  Birthday: 1987/8/11
  Constellation: Leo
  Birthplace: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  Blood type: O
  Height: 181 cm
  Weight: 71 kg
  Education: Graduated from Tamkang University, Department of management decision-making
  Ching Yun University , Institute of Management
  Interests: singing, dancing, composing, trance, playing mentally retarded
  Favorite artist: Michael Jackson , the myth
  Favorite song: You are not alone,

Chinese Name:Lin Weizhe
English Name: Tommy
  Birthday: March 17, 1984
  Zodiac Year: Rat
  Constellation: Pisces
  Blood type: B
  Height: 178cm
  Weight: 65kg
  Born: Keelung, Taiwan
  Education: University of the Arts Dance Department, Taipei
  Favorite singer: Faye Wong , Jacky Cheung , Hikaru Utada ,
  Favorite Music: dance, symphony, piano
  Favorite color: purple, green
  Favorite animal: cat
  Favorite food: Teppanyaki

Chinese Name:Lijie Yu
English Name: Jett, MRT
  Birthday: February 10, 1989
  Blood type: O
  Constellation: Aquarius
  Height: 177CM
  Weight: 65KG
  Education : Taiwan Tsinghua University Department of Electrical Engineering(still studuing)
  Family: a sister, two brothers father
  Hobbies: singing and guitar
  Favorite Food: rice
  Favorite movie: rock star science fiction
  Favorite music: rock
  Like to see the book: thinking about science fiction story
  Favorite color: blue and black
  Favorite sports: jogging swimming basketball 
SIGMA Album Cover

SIGMA update Album cover

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Posted 7/4/11 , edited 7/4/11
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