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Downloading Fonts : Tutorial by : cottonball-

1. Go to a free font downloading website : some good ones are :

- dafont

- 1001 Free Fonts

- Fonts 101

- Urban Fonts

2. Click on the text

3. Find where it says download : Some you might not even need to click on just look on either side of the text that you want

4. Save it to your desktop : Find it easier this way

5. Open up the text

6. Click install

7. Once it's installed open up Gimp / Photoshop

8. Find the text and use it

9. Then you can delete the text from your desktop *reason you keep it; is for the title of the text*
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T o o l B o x


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now i would like to talk about the coloring section because people really do not use this at all :











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ok so now that the colorings are out of the way i will talk about some useful filters that people use a lot :

Blur : Gaussian Blur :

ok now this is used for most likely text , it will give almost a soft aspect to the text like so

Blur : Motion Blur :

this is of course to show motion can be used on pictures as well as text

Blur : Pixelize :

ok this is those little blocks that you see , to do this correctly I would wait until you have completed your whole picture and then go to layer >
new from visible then duplicate it and on the top layer use the pixles because you will need the eraser tool to erase those area's to still have
your picture .

Enhance : Sharpen :

sharpen a picture do this incase your render lost some of the quality just duplicate it and go to sharpen and lower the opacity

Noise : Spread :

this is where you see almost those little tiny bits of splatters like furry looking again i wait until the very end the new from visible duplicate it
and do the filter then erase what u dont want

Alpha to Logo : Neon :

people use this a lot when they want neon glowing beams and letters [ hint : youtube has awesome tutorials for the neon letters ] LOL
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Single Outline Text In Gimp : Tutorial by: cottonball-

1. Open up Gimp

2. Make a new image : Size is up to you : *Keep the white background so you can see it better for the text*

3. Click on the Text Tool :

4. Pick a font that you would like to use

5. Type in what you would like your text to say. I am going to type "Cotton"

6. Now after you have typed what you wanted to there are two ways to the single line.

Way #1 :

If you have script-fu you will go there and then go to layer effects : stroke : *pick the color and the size you want* : click ok

Way #2 :

On your text layer right click and click on text to selection

Go up to select go and click on grow now you can grow it to whatever you wish

Then, click on the background and then make a new layer

On this new layer go and use the bucket fill tool with the color of your choice

7. Now that your text it outlined go and delete your background layer

8. Go to Image then go to auto crop image : This will automatically crop your text

E n d . R e s u l t s
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