true love VS. true friendship
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On your experience why is L or F wanted or undesirable? and which one do u prefer to have #! ?
~LOVE :romantic fulfillment/broken heart :
Wanted: because u can develop deep emotional understanding about a sweet feeling
Undesirable: the possible risk that is taken by engaging in a relationship can lead to a very particular dark depression that feels like a universe of emptiness in ones life
~FRIENDSHIP: strong bonds/loneliness
Wanted: its a lot of fun to share activities with some that cares about whats going on in your life in a constructive-nurturing fashion
Undesirable: if there isn't real commitment to a persons 360 degrees experiences betrayals can easily hurt peoples feeling not to mention privacy aspects of a person can be expose in a very insensitive way.

I'd put friendship in #1
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Posted 7/7/11 , edited 7/7/11
No versus thread, so you'll have to make this into a poll.

If you annoyed about that, feel free to blame the Naruto/Bleach fans.
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