Devil May Cry 4 Missions
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Posted 7/7/11 , edited 7/8/11
I wanna talk about the missions of Devil May Cry 4. I been addicted to it, but sometimes the missions could be confusing, but I manage to pass them. I get a low grade on the time!
Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/9/11
DMC 4? lol Iong time since played that game.... All I can say is that in most missions, ur best and fav. friend is the Nero's grabbing arm... Just pop those suckers off the ground, do sum air combo and always grab the enemy in mid-air.. The last time I did that i was able to grab all the enemies on the ground while mid-air and pretty much ended them with ease.. The only hard part was the boss, as u can't just grab them to oblivion, so as most hack n slash games u can just attack and dodge their attacks.. I don't remember if Dante was easier to play with as compared with Nero, so it could be the char. u play with

Just to be sure, you are talking about series of matches in DMC 4 when u beat the game (extra mission), right?

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