kagura - how many outfits does she have?
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Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/8/11
lol i jus realized this but kagura has different outfits......so can everyone help me find picks of all of them from summer dress to winter jackets and decide which is the best one

i like this one lol ready to kick ass
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Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11
That's what I like about Kagura and more anime characters should change outfits from time to time.
I like the yellow dress she had on episode 45, when Sadaharu went back to normal after he turned into a monster, and also the pink coat she wore on the Valentine's episode. It's good to see her wearing other colors rather than only red.
Shinpachi also has another outfit he puts on quite often, the kimono that seems almost like an Adidas track suit top, white with green-ish lines along the sleeves, and Otae has a purple version of her usual pink outfit for when she works at the bar.
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Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/27/11
I love her kimono in the arc where she fought with another yato. She looks super cute.
Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11
I'm thinking about 3 or 4. Because she has the dress with no pants, then there's the shirt with pants, then there's the dress with pants. If i'm missing any tell me.
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Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/31/11
I think she also had the dress with sports boxers or something at end of the tama arc, pink dress at kyubei arc wedding, and yellow dress at I forgot. also the outfit at the Bintendo Owee arc, and this other one I forgot of just now.
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