" Ten Tips For Taking Tests"
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To help you out on a test that you have studied for. Here are 10 easy tips to help you in any situation, and i guarrantie that you will pass.

1-- Read the instructions carefully. Never assume you will know what they will say! Ask the teacher if you are unsure about anything.

2-- Read the entire test through before starting. Notice the point value of each section. This will help you to pace yourself.

3-- Answer the easiest questions first, then the ones with the highest point value. You dont want to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out a two-point problem!

4-- Keep busy! if you get stuck on a question, come back to it later. The answer might come to you while you are working on another part of the test.

5-- If you arent sure how to answer a question fully, try to answer at least part of it. You might get a partial credit.

6-- Need to guess on a multiple-choice test? First, eliminate the answers that you know are wrong. Then take a guess. Because your first guess is most likely to be correct, you shouldnt go back and change an answer later unless you are certain you were wrong.

7-- On an essay test, take a moment to plan your writing. First, jot down the important points you wan to make. Then number these points in the order you will cover them.

8-- Keep it nest! If your teacher cant read your writing, you might lose points.

9-- Dont waste time doing things for which you will not receive credit, such as rewriting test questions.

10-- Leave time at the end to look over your work. Did you answer every questions? Did you proofread for errors? it is easy to make careless mistakes while taking a test.



-- Read the teacher's comments carefully and try to learn from your mistakes.
-- Save tests to review for end-of-term tests.

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You forgot the part where you should sit next to a smart student.
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You can post this tip in this thread

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^ Thanks.

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