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In light of all the “girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy” dramas this season – such as “Ikemen Desu ne” and the drama adaptation of “Ouran High School Host Club” – goo Ranking decided to ask its users which female celebrities they thought looked great with a short haircut.
Coming in first is actress Ueto Aya, who has become well-known for sporting cute, short hairstyles. After appearing in “Abarenbou Mama“, “Azumi“, and other productions with short cuts, voters decided that the brightness it gives to her already sweet girlfriend look makes her number one in this poll.
Check out the full ranking below!

01. Ueto Aya
02. Hirosue Ryoko
03. Uchida Yuki
04. Kimura Kaela
05. Horikita Maki
06. Kichise Michiko
07. Nagasawa Masami
08. Ueno Juri
09. Eikura Nana
10. Shinoda Mariko

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During a hot and scorching summer, the number one place to take your date is undoubtedly the beach. For the guys, a beach date is a great opportunity to boast about their girlfriend and their pretty looks. So, if one could choose a female celebrity to the beach, who would they bring?

goo Ranking compiled a poll recently and shared their results. Check out the top 10 of this ranking below!

1. Aragaki Yui
2. Ayase Haruka
3. Ueto Aya
4. Kitagawa Keiko
5. Toda Erika
6. Sasaki Nozomi
7. Miyazaki Aoi
8. Ishihara Satomi
9. Aibu Saki
10. Horikita Maki

Source: goo Ranking

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i agree with ueto aya,,
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So when you wrote "goo", you didn't mean this?

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The recent one

Which actresses are spoiled rotten?

AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko turned 20 on July 10th and she declared that as a new adult, she had graduated from being “spoiled” and will now tackle responsibilities like a grown-up.

Although it’s been a little over a week since she made her assertive statement, it seems that many users still find her to be a bit pampered. Where did she land in the chart?

Check below to find out, and see if your opinions about other actresses matched up with the goo poll!

1. Ayase Haruka – 4361 votes
2. Fukada Kyoko – 4053 votes
3. Yoshitaka Yuriko – 2697 votes
4. Sasaki Nozomi – 2394 votes
5. Kitano Kii – 2039 votes
6. Ueto Aya – 1507 votes
7. Maeda Atsuko (AKB48) – 1473 votes
8. Nagasawa Masami – 1297 votes
9. Ishihara Satomi – 1050 votes
10. Ueno Juri – 872 votes

source: goo
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