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Posted 7/9/11 , edited 7/9/11
Like the title says. . .

Hello crunchyroll users, as a vigorous user in Allkpop I have seem to pass by these AKP members who just love entitling artist into what role can be played by them and what can't be. It surely has been pissing me of this week with (Hyuna- bubble pop , Girls Day- Hug me once ,etc)

Like for example if a group before debuted with this concept their stuck with it all of time no matter what. Its the original PERIOD no more excuses but that. They have been booked for only this style and such that they can't break into any style(not that I'm saying its bad thing) but I would like to see some variety into my artist I like.
For the criteria I noticed that theirs only some types of artist who can do what they want and won't be shunned for it like SNSD , Wonder girls , 2ne1 , Miss.A and Sistar. The main ones to me are SNSD and 2ne1. The thing which pisses me off is when users stop giving the song a chance and start critiquing it without even giving it a chance then throwing the SNSD is the cute card , 2ne1 is the fierce card no matter what! "You artist are just copying it and can't pull it off"<-- from a AKP member.
It pisses me off how this generation a long time ago was young beautiful and loved every concept that an artist threw but now = = with all these idols bursting into the field ,everyone fucking doesn't give a shit anymore about giving them a chance but rely on sources and blogs to help them review it for them WHEN THEY KNOW ITS BIASED = = Yes of course their lazy and it saves them time to know the new artist but they just missed a huge talent that should be recognized by everyone.

A great example that pulled threw all this was of course. Secret and Girls day

Though both are still being critizied to only the original concept of their idea they still have broke out of the ONE STYLE card and now fit in with the top cards (2ne1, SNSD , etc in the hallyu wave)

Everyone's a critic these days and unfortunately everyone in this country has become extremely lazy and cynical. They can look up close at the Mona Lisa and say "eh" because it's cool to not care about anything. It's cool to be apathetic. The apathy toward art and literature in this country infuriates me. People cannot sit in silence anymore and watch something beautiful without trying to find a flaw in it.

Thoughts? Feedbacks? Corrections? Discussion
I don't really care == all I'm asking for is for this generation to stop generating a criteria for every group and give all of them an equal chance. Stop listening to everyone and MAKE YOUR OWN OPINION. No one is deciding for you who to like. Its the blogs and w/e thats persuading you that their like that because prob the writer is just biased >_> .

Yes of course this was my huge rant of the day. . Sorry for grammar and spelling.. I'm doing this all on iphone >_> .
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