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23 / F / Walking through W...
Posted 7/9/11 , edited 7/25/11
Post themed stories for Shinigami here~

Shinigami ~ Death God

There are NO language/Length restrictions~!

You Cross Your Heart, I'll Hope to Die~

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23 / F / Walking through W...
Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/10/11


The frail boy on the ground shivered as the frigid air whipped against his naked skin. Bruises covered him in a dark veil and blood matted to his hair and flesh. A lone tear fell from the eye that he could still see out of as the next hit slashed his back. Angry voices droned in his ears, telling him what a pitiful disgrace of a human he was, how it would be best if he were gone. An inaudible whimper escaped his blood-chapped lips as someone roughly grabbed his hair and yanked him backwards.




His body crashed to the ground and he bit his tongue to not cry. He struggled to get to his feet to await the next blow but something knocked into his knees, making him fall back onto the cage floor. His eye swam with tears and he screamed in pain, but immediately regretted it when more hits came. He closed his right eye and pressed his hand against it, trying futilely to protect what vision he had left.




He lay half conscious on the cage floor as footsteps retreated out of the room. He tried in vain to lift his head but couldn't muster up the strength. His right eye rolled in the back of his head, pure trails of tears made clean marks down his dirty cheeks. His throat was swollen from the number of screams that came forth but a trace of a sob could still be heard. His vision was completely gone now, they took away his gift of sight. His eyes rolled uselessly in the back of his head as he attempted to sit up. He froze before he even lifted his head. He couldn't feel his legs...




The boy lay, awaiting more pain to embrace him, welcoming agony to engulf his soul. Something cold gently touched his face and the boy flinched reflexively before making his body still to accept his fate.
“ All ready to die huh?” a deep voice purred in his ear. A hard shudder ran down the boy's spine and his hair stood on end. Icy fingers trailed down to his chapped lips and lightly traced them. “You're a little young to be ready for death, but I suppose I could humor you and listen to your wish.” the voice came again, but with an edge of curiosity. The boy choked as he opened his mouth to speak, a hoarse screech being the only thing sounding.




The boy choked again as he tried to speak. “Go ahead and think it, I can hear.” the voice assured. The boy breathed in slowly before thinking. “I do not wish for anything but death.” The voice growled in disapproval, the hand lightly tracing his features disappeared quickly.
“Nothing but death? Not even revenge on those that did this to you?” the voice tried again in that low purr it loved so much. “Revenge is not what will bring me peace now, only death will soothe my aches.” A sharp huff of air was heard in the narrow space of the cage before the hand returned to trace around his eyes.
“What if I said I could give you back your sight?”




The boy opened his blue eyes and slowly looked up at the person before him. Silky black hair hung down to his shoulders, his silhouette was tall and slim, but it was his crimson eyes that spoke volumes of the man in front of him.

“I can see.” he whispered, his throat feeling better.

“Stand up.” the man purred. The boy gulped nervously before looking down at his feet that were now clean of any blood. He slowly lifted himself up, not believing when he stood on his two feet evenly. His head sharply turned back to the man that was now eying him with hunger.

“What did you do?” he breathed quietly. The man's eyes gradually transitioned into a dark purple.

“I only granted what you truly wished for.” the other purred in that voice that sent unpleasant shivers down the boy's spine. The man's hand suddenly reached out and touched his face again. “Truly such magnificent eyes. If only you had a chance to use them again.” the voice daunted lowly. The boy suddenly looked down at his chest as pain ripped him open. A large metal chain was emerging out of his stomach. His eyes widened and he hunched over in agony. The chain grew longer, dragging against his insides until the end landed in the man's hand. The boy slapped the other hand away from his face and stepped back quickly, only to be tugged back as the man yanked the chain connecting them.

“What did you do?!” the boy screamed, an edge of hysteria in his tone. A demented smirk spread on the others face as he came closer.
“I only granted what you truly wished for.” Scarlet eyes glittered tauntingly as another tug on the chain had the boy following him into darkness...



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Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/14/11
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