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Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/11/11

You should ask yourself question ...That happens between amu and ikuto in the anime or others things you thought ...then you should explain it with a dialogue(then making a short story)... You may put pictures or draws during the dialogues ! You should do the dialogue with color please or put it bold(B)!You can't use the same question that an other one ....If you have a different thought !But put a spoiler that was talking by someone before you !

Thanks ;)

( you may have an exemple from me)...Just do it like this!^_^
Then I will begin...
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Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/11/11
Question: how did amu change her cloths when ikuto was in her room?

One day, Amu was returning home and then...

Amu: Finally I finish the school...

Then amu was about to change in her room ... she was unbuttoning her blouse...then she open her wardrobe...Suddenly ,Ikuto was about to fall in top of her ! But she catchs him with her hands...(Actually,Ikuto was hiding in amu's wardrobe,sense her mom enter to clean amu room's )

Amu: What are you doing here !0///0

Then Ikuto saw that she was about to undress sense she did unbutton a button...

Ikuto: So you were about to undress in front of me ...Amu

Amu: Hell no ,you pervert!0///0


Then amu takes cloths to change in the bathroom ...

So at the end she's was just changing in the bathroom ....That's what I thought!^_^

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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 7/25/11
There some questions for you guys !!!^_^

Answer it and don't forget to put it quote or spoiler ...saying that me you did this question

Question#1: If Amu were drunk,how did she react ,in front of Ikuto?

Question #2 : Did really Ikuto stared at amu sleeping face ,when he was in her room at night ?

Question #3: If Amu and Ikuto switch body,(Ikuto/spirit~in Amu's body and Amu/spirit~in Ikuto's body,how they react?

Question #4: If Amu Chara Transform with Yoru (Amulet cat),what will Ikuto said ?

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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/26/11

Question: If Amu were drunk,how did she react ,in front of Ikuto?

Amu is now like 17years old,she drunks when she did go in a party where Kukai invite her with the others...It's late in now she's return home alone in the street ...

Amu: hehehehe...(Walking weirdly and Laughing)0///0

Then Ikuto who wanted to see Amu for long time ... was searching for her ...Then He saw her in the street ....

Ikuto: Amu ... Been for a long while ...huh (smirking and looking at her)

Amu: Ikuto,you pervert flirty cat bastard ,return to me... ( While she turns quaver and laughing)0///0

Then Amu suddenly fall in his chest...Of course Ikuto caught her before she fell down

Ikuto: Amu are you alright ?(snift snift)

Amu: Ikuto ,do you know how much I missed you ?You dummy cat !(With a cute innoncent face while blushing 0///0)

Ikuto: Really?(smirking)

Then Amu suddenly kissed him ...Ikuto ,push her back !

Ikuto: Amu ,you are drunk?Let me take you home and relax then we will see...

Amu: Ok !(with a cute face)But you stay with me ...Promise me!(Blushing 0///0)

Ikuto kiss her in the forehead....

Ikuto: Anything,for my princess!

So At the end ,he takes her home, went to her balcony ( He was holding her in a bride style when he went up there)..Amu was sleeping already in her bed ...Ikuto stares at Amu the whole night (With a smirt)

I thought that when amu is drunk,she tells Ikuto how much she loves him and insultes him by Pervert,bastard,.....

Posted 7/26/11 , edited 7/27/11
Question: If Amu was on a Date with Ikuto ,what those two will do?
(Amu is 15 years old and ikuto is 17 years)

Ikuto and Amu are already a couples ,they decide to do their first dates

They go on a Dress Shop

Amu: Wow ...this dreamy dress!

Then amu run to the dress ..she completly ignored that ikuto was with her...

Ikuto: ohh

Amu: i will buys this sieur much that i have to pay(happy with a sparkles eyes)

Madam: 50$

she look at her wallet...

Amu: i just have 35$
In her minds:

Ikuto :If you want, i can buy you that ....(smirking)

Amu: No needs
In Amu minds: i want it ,i'm Stupid

they go on many Shop, amu fell tired she sit in a Garden chair
And Ikuto go to buy some ice cream

Ikuto return with a one ice cream

Amu: What the hell..Why did you just buy one Ice cream

Ikuto Smirked at amu

Amu: What !

Ikuto sit with Amu, close the her

Ikuto: Cause i wanted to buy one that we can eat it together,sense we are a Couple(with a smirking face)

Amu: What?never in your dreams!0///////o

Amu lost her 35$ with the shopping

Ikuto :well amu ..that yours will don't have ice cream

Amu:That not Fair (sound innocent)

Ikuto: you will never got me Amu

Amu: (puppy Eyes)

Ikuto:like i said(smirking)

Amu: okay you WIN

they eat the ice cream Together

then finished it

after that Amu sleep in ikuto shoulder(they was still sittting in the garden chair)

Ikuto eyes went hide,then he smiled and then kiss her

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Posted 8/1/11 , edited 8/1/11
Question: Remember,what did happens in episode 29 ( When we discover that utau is Ikuto's sister) ,imagine if Amu was more older, how did kukai and amu react ?

✖✖✖In this story ✖✖✖
Amu is 15years old
Utau is 16years old
Kukai is 16years old
Ikuto is 17years old

Meanwhile ,Amu is depress cauze Dia turn unto An x-egg,so Kukai decided to help her ,by console her to not give up!
They were eating ice-cream ... And then Utau comes out of nowhere,and want to beat Amu...

Amu: Utau Hoshina?(with wide eye )

Kukai: Isn't she this Idol ?

Amu: But why are you there ,don't you have a job?

Utau : I came here to take from you the Humpty lock !

Amu: wowowo,Wait ,why do you want this Humpty lock of mine?

Utau: It's all for Ikuto!I will do anything for him,until his wish will realized!

Then Ikuto jumps ,from a tree ...

Ikuto: I didn't told you ,that I needed your help!

Amu&Utau: Ikuto!!0///0

Kukai : what's with thoses two blushing over a guy who just jump of nowhere!

Amu: I wasn't blushing Kukai ,he just surprises me!

Ikuto: You were blushing amu ...( attractive voice and smirking)

Utau: Ikuto Ikuto Ikuto (hugging parttern)~but she always miss sense Ikuto moves fast!

Utau: Why Ikuto?Why are you always with her ?

Ikuto: Utau ,what the hell are you saying?

Utau: you are always putting me the bad one ,and to be with amu side!

Ikuto: //T_T//

Suddenly ,Utau graps amu boobs ....

Amu: 0///0 ,Why are you touching breast ?


Ikuto &Kukai:0////0Woow,Amu is a hot one!~said Kukai

Ikuto in his mind:Lucky you Utau !TxT

Then Utau push amu back ,but Ikuto caught her ,Amu was like traumatize of what Utau did !Ikuto hugs Amu ...He were putting his hand in her hips...

Amu : Ikuto......................0////0Blushing madly

Ikuto: Did you forget about our date in this amusing park!


IKUTO : Can you cut it of, you are my sister after all ,you have to stop loving me ! T_T'

Kukai &Amu:What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kukai: Who will ,knew this ?

Amu: Woow, Ikuto poor you having a complex sister !
In her mind: This is gross ...ewwwwwww... worst if she kissed him....eeeeeeewwwwwww

Ikuto: Don't worry !(smirking to her)

Then Ikuto kissed her in her cheek


Ikuto: And yean stop hanging, with guys!

Amu: You are jealous ,just admit it!(putting a hand in her chin)

Then Ikuto leaves and utau follow him with the hugging parttern

~The End~

I thought about a romantic parts of amuto the most!Putting Utau a pervert ,it's for showing you how Ikuto is a perv.~T-T even thought he's already one !

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Posted 8/12/11 , edited 6/25/15

My question:

Question:If ikuto was drunk, how will he react in front of Amu?

✖✖✖In this story ✖✖✖
Amu is 15 years old
Ikuto is 17years old

Amu was tired then she goes take a baths and put on her cloths ... then go to her bed ...And find a attractive things in a bed ..

Amu :What the..... 0/////////0Ikuto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>////<

Ikuto was a bit strange..he was sure hot (like he did have a fever) he's was a bit blushing ....

Amu in her mind: now do I thinks so... He's blushing !That weird ...0_0 ...he usually smirk to me ...

Ikuto: Amu....( with a attractive voice and was so handsome)

Amu: 0///0❤Heartbeat❤What is it? (she fells again by ikuto 's attractive mood T_T')

Note: Amu was on her bed sitting right and putting her foots in the floor ,and ikuto was sleeping on her bed (like in episode 65)

Then Ikuto stand up from her bed ... And he begin to unbutton his buttons from his shirt ...

Ikuto: it's hot there....T_T(still unbuttons his buttons from his shirt)

Amu: What do you thinks your doing ,you aren't at your home!!!0///0

Then amu was about to leaves him,put suddendly he hold her hands ...

Ikuto: Don't leave me,I need you to be there for me !

Amu: 0///0 Ikuto... Anyways ..why did you come there?(change mod is really funny from her)

Warning! (Seriously,I don't know why,but I always make ikuto the nasty guys,U_U'....I can't believe him writing this T_T",Those part will make you blush,nervous,excited,stress,...

Then Ikuto hugs her from behind her back ....she could feels his chest touching her behind..he was putting his hand on her chest both of his hand ! (0///0 he was actually touching her breast from behind)

Amu: aaaaaahhh( moaned louder and softy ...>////< )

Ikuto: Why haven't you !(smirk now... woow this guys smirk even when he's drunks 0_0 seriously,lol)

Amu: Aaaaahhh(still moaned louder and softy ...>////< )I...Ikuto

Ikuto:I know you enjoy it(telling this on her ear~seriously that part make me blush)

Amu: 0///0( coudn't said a word)

Then he push her back on her bed ...Now he was in top of her ....

Amu: Ikuto why do you do this ,stop it,i'm scared of you ! 0///0snift ....snift ....your drunk!!!!!!!

Then Ikuto was ignore her ...And one of his hand was touching her legs from behind lifting , and another hand close to her hair,he was now licking her her neck ,with this position...

Amu: Aaaaahhh(more moaned louder and softy ...>////< )

Ikuto: I know you like it...(smirk...T_T' ,seriously doesn't he stop doing this)

Amu: 0///0(closing her eye while blushing)
In her mind: If am dreaming , I seriously wanna wake up...

Then suddendly amu wakes up ...she was dreaming!(U_U',dreaming about this,that sure is pervert)

So at the end ,I thought about this... Ikuto doesn't get drunks that easily ,so I made ikuto drunks in amu dreams ...And Ikuto is sure sweet , romantic and shows more his feelings when he's drunks...I thought about putting his smirk ,to show it funny! And ,yean guys ,comment ! If you liked it,don't be shy!
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Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/13/11
Question: Imagine ,if something dramatically happen to ikuto and amu how will they act ,remember in episode 18 ?

✖✖✖In this story ✖✖✖
Amu is 14 years old
Ikuto is 16years old

Amu was so sad that Ikuto told her ,he were enemy ,she still remember that for a long time,and one day when amu and her friends went ,to see a concert of utau hoshina ,at tonight ,then she's goes out ,because they were a problem at the went outside and saw ikuto.... she thought that was ikuto who turns the egg unto x-egg,but it's wasn't him who turn them like this .....She otfen,she knows the truth ,and wanted really baldy to apologize to him ,cauze she said awful things to him while he brokes the egg! So ,one day when she was walking outside alone ,near to a garden ...she saw ikuto sitting in a bench ...

Amu: Ikuto....0///0

Ikuto: (smirking to her)

Amu: I'm really sorry for what I said !!!!! But why did you tell me it's wasn't you ,who did that?

Ikuto: Who's care about it ?(then he turns his body back )

Amu: you're always like ,showing that you don't care about what happen ,why are you like this?(screams, then she starts to cry)

Ikuto: Didn't I told you ,mind you're own business!(then he turns around,and saw amu crying)

Amu: (still crying ,and putting her hand in her eye ,to cover up her face) Why ,why?You always helping me ...then the one who's got hurt the most was you !!!!

Ikuto: (wide eye)
in his mind: Why are you crying for me ,I should be the one crying not you ! seeing her like this ,make me painful...

Then suddenly he pushs amu in a wall ...amu was behind the wall....Then Ikuto put his hand in the wall ,like this amu couldn't escape from him... Then he approach her so much that she could fell his breath...

Amu: 0////0(stops to cries and blush madly)

Ikuto: Why are you so sweet to me ?(put one of his hand on amu's chin and saying this with a sad looking eye)

Then he's suddenly kiss her ,,,,Amu was blushing and shock ...And she couldn't breath that much...

Amu: mmmmmm.....U///U( She then kissed him back)

Ikuto: mmmmm.....(shock ...and then he's smirk while kissing)

Then ikuto push her gently with her shoulder ... amu fell down in the ground while blushing in putting a finger in her lips

Ikuto: see you then ...amu(smirking and he's goes with his chara nari ~(ear and tail cat)

Amu in her mind: OMG ,he just kissed me.......and I kissed him back ... Well he forces me...(T-T lol,what a denier ,she enjoy it)

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