Weird look of bright colors.
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Posted 7/10/11 , edited 7/11/11
This has nothing to do with Crunchyroll, but just Anime in general, and even non anime related stuff sometimes. Whenever there's really bright colors on screen, especially blue, but others as well, it looks really bad. I'm not sure if this is the way it's supposed to be, or is something wrong with my monitor, but here's an example.

This doesn't even look half bad like some other stuff does. It just looks very pixelated. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Thanks.
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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
Nothing looks wrong to me in the picture, but as far as the "pixelation" is concerned, I believe that's to be expected given the compression formats that CR uses. Even though it's advertised as a 720p broadcast, it's still notably compressed compared to the actual broadcast - and I find this acceptable, because you NEED to reduce the file size for efficient online streaming.

The "glowing" effect you might be experiencing may be a result of limited (low) contrast and a high gamma setting on your monitor. It'd help if you indicate what type of monitor you're using and what it's settings are. Otherwise, the image looks fine to me, albeit with the pixelations you mentioned - this, I attribute to file compression for online streaming.
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