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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 6/25/15

1.It's an amuto story ,so please no tadamu romance !(But if, it's for making ikuto jealous ,it's okey)
2.Be romantic,funny(like ikuto teasing alot amu), drama,adventure ,danger (but not to long ok),....
3.Invite your friends who's like amuto, to read it!
4.Put pictures or draws to help imagining those scene ok ..If you want !
5.When someone is singer like Utau or an other one can you use that symbol :♫.....................♫
6. Please when you writing storylines put it with color for each person or making all bold(B)

Amu and Ran =Red
Ikuto and Miki= Blue
Su , Kukai ,Kairi=green
Dia and Yaya=orange
Yoru ,Utau and Nadeshiko/Nagihiko =purple
Tadase and Rima= Yellow
Others characters=Black bold(B)

7.Enjoy yourself amuto fans,don't forget this ...
7.5.If you write smut so far of amuto put a Warning! please ! 0///0

Then I will begin ....
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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
One day a new transfer student came to this school of High School Seiya ... It's was actually a young lady with about 16years old ..she had a very long hair pink straight with her eyes, they were a beautiful honey-golden orbs...Her name was called Hinamori Amu ...She was just so cool and spicy that's what others considered her ! This school was very special cauze they have their own dorms..

(that a great exemple of what she looked)~Her uniform~

Amu:Where is this room .... it's number # 65 in the third floor!

Then amu enter her new room ,and find a guy with midnight-blue hair, in some parts it was messy, but then it was also straightened and shiny. He was tall. His skin was a light-tan color.His eye were purple dark ...It's was ikuto

Amu: Excuse me ,i think i went to the wrong room...

Then she close the door

Ikuto :

Amu was re-seeing that number's was really this room ...and then amu enter other time in this room.

Amu: Excuse-me again is this room's number is 65 !

Ikuto: Yean ..why are asking this ?

Amu (in her mind) : What how can't a guy be my roommate ...that sound so wrong

Ikuto:If I'm not wrong you are the new student ... And olso my new roommate !

Amu: Yean ...that right well what's your name !

Ikuto: Ikuto Tsukiyomi ,just call me ikuto ... and you

Amu: Hinamori Amu ,you can call me amu-chan sense we are gonna be roommate ...

Amu: I didn't know they let students mixed in the same dorm...

Ikuto:But That's why this school is special ... They always accept student regrest senses thoses students are rich people ...

Amu (in her mind): Ok this school is definitely so wrong and weird!!!!!!!!But let us what we want it's cool but being with a guys in this room is so wrong!

Ikuto : Then i will leave now ...

Ikuto then left her alone in the room.Then amu put all her cloths in her wardrobe and put all her other things...She was about changing into her new uniform..then someone knock the's was ikuto ...

Ikuto : Amu can you open the door ...Why did you close it!

Amu: Can you wait outside a bit i'm changing...0///0U_U

Ikuto : You can change in the bathroom ... it's just on the right side from your bedroom ...

Amu: Why are you such in a hurry?

Ikuto : well my bunch of fanclub are chasing atfer me ...Hurry up ..Open the darn door

Amu didn't know what do ..she was like half-naked( Well she unbutton all her button from her white blouse,where we could see her bra dark with a pink light ribbon ) and wearing a pink skirt....she opened this door ...And then ikuto fall in top of her sense he's was in a hurry ...

Ikuto in his mind: how come i'm not hurt ...'s so warm and soft ...

And he left up his head and saw he 's was in top of amu... Ikuto eye went wide

Ikuto : Amu what are you doing half nalked there ...0///0In his mind: Woow she's so cute!

Amu: Ummm! hey how long are you going to stay in top of me ....0///0

Ikuto : ummm...Sorry !//U_U//

Posted 7/11/11 , edited 6/24/15
Amu is already out of run the room, she goes to the bathroom flustered and all,

Amu:Oh my god, what's wrong with me?! I

Miki: Ohhh, don't tell me that- love from first sight? I never thought that Amu would be like these protagonists from these shoujo mangas !

Amu: No way! I just meet the guy! Are you crazy?

Suu: But you two would make such a lovely pairing~desu!

Ran: Ohhh~ Ganbatte! Let's go, Amu-chan! Your feelings are loud and clear! 。>‿<。


Miki:♫~Amu is in love~ Amu is in love~♫

Amu :

Speaking of the devil, he was knocked on the bathroom's door.

Ikuto : How long are you planning on staying? Class will start sooner if you don't hurry...

That was when Amu opened (finally) ....

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Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/13/11
Then she saw that Ikuto have a shugo ...sense he was whispering with him...

Yoru: So that your new roommate ...she one hot ... tell you Ikuto ...(still whispering with him)

Ikuto: Yean ..I know... That why I will tease her alot !(still whispering to yoru)

Then Ikuto fixe his eye on amu ...

Amu: Is something wrong with me ....

Ikuto : Your ear !

Amu: What's with them ?0///0

Then Ikuto approach her more closer ....

Amu: What are you doing?0///0In her mind : he's so close !!!!!

Ikuto: I will tell you a secret ... close your eye

Then she close her eye ... Ikuto was more close to her ...face to face and then he goes and bite her ear !

Amu: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!(scream)Pervert ,what the helll !0///0

Ikuto: That your punishment for making wait that long for the bathroom.

Amu: You will pay [email protected] pervert @(befuddled)

Yoru: What your name ?

Amu:huh! That right your his chara name is hinamori amu and you ?

Yoru: are you Ikuto's wife or something ?

Miki: woow he's so cool ...That Yoru ! If i said yes to him then me and yoru could be together 4ever!~daydreaming~

Ran,miki and su : Yean she is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amu: what are you talking about i'm still a highschooler student ..I'm young !0///0 And who's did marry a pervert filthy guys like him?0///0

Ikuto : Huh ! Did you said someone AMU!!!

Amu: Yean !!!!!!!!You are a filthy old man pervert guys who's I will kick his butt!

Ikuto : That sound no nice !

Amu: Of course not !!!! Idiot!

Ikuto:Look I want do it again ....( look serious) until you don't get long in the bathroom

Amu: Ah! really ....

Ikuto :Oh come on, don't be like this ?Let's us make up?

Amu:Okey !!!!In her mind :I should have accept this one or else it's really being cool of me to not accept!

Ikuto: Okey ...Then let's us go now in the first periode?

Amu:But it's doesn't mean ,we are in the same class ?

Ikuto : yean sense we are roommate know don't know that rules ...then just let go now...

Then they go in the outside from the room and go to the class ...
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Posted 7/15/11 , edited 7/15/11
Opens Door And Goes Inside Classroom
Amu: Hello.... I Am Hinamori. Nice To Meet Yall.
Ikuto: Don't Just Stand There. Move It!
Amu Moves Over
Fan Girls Run Over To Her
Fan Girls: Why Did You Walk To Class With Ikuto? Hes So Dreamy And Hot.... I Wish i Was As Lucky As You...
Amu: Hes My Roomate. Such A Perv...
Fan Girls: HE IS NOT! I Just Wish I Was His Roomate.... Meow... I Wouldve Not Said Anything
Amu's Thoughts: These Girls Have Something Wrong In Their Head. Maybe A Screw Is Loose
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Posted 7/24/11 , edited 7/26/11
Nikaidou(their teacher):Ok everyone ,sit right always before the bell rings! And you ,the new girl present yourself in front of the class...

Amu: Hi,nice to meet you guys,call me hinamori amu-chan !

Ikuto fangirls: (glare at Amu)She's so lucky,have the room with Ikuto-sama!!!!!!!

Amu in her mind: Seriously ,what's so special about Ikuto! He sure hot and sexy....umm..What the hell am I saying?0///0

Meanwhile ,Ikuto was in the latest desk beside the windows,he was looking in the window ....

Nikaidou: Himamori-san take a sit ,you a free to choice your sits ....

Amu: Sorry,Nikaidou-sensei it's Hinamori-san not Himamori-san , and i will choice this desk
(in front of ikuto desk's)

Nikaidou: Ok , go ahead Himamori-san!

Amu :Whatever ~In her mind: This teacher gives me nerves!!

Fanboys: WOOOOOW this girl is such a cool ,spicy and hot!!!!!

Amu then sits in her desk,who's just behind Ikuto...

Ikuto: Wow ,why did you choice this place,I thought you hated me ... Or do you have a crush on me (Smirking)

Amu:T_T,who's will have crush ,for a guys like you!

Fangirls: How dare you saying this Hinamori-san!!!!

Amu: T_T Whatever!!!

Fanboys turned into Amu fans:WOW HInamori-san Cool and Sexy!!!

Amu in her head: God ,now I have already my own fanclub (LOL) and so annoying ,and now how can I do friend !!!!

Ikuto:So,Amu you do have a crush!!!

Amu://T_T// ,no it's just that you are the only one I know in this class ....

Ikuto : Is that's so...(He's comes so close to her)

Now Ikuto fangirls and Amu fanboys turns into amuto fans(LOL):What with this hot scene!!!!!!Kya(fangirls)and so hot (Fanboys)+_+

Then the bell rings...Atfer that ... Diner...Amu was walkings alone outside ...she wasn't hungry ,she was she upset that she couldn't make news friends...Meanwhile ,Ikuto was sleeping in top of a tree , and saw Amu...

Ikuto: Yo....Amu (smirking)

Amu: What again? //O^O//

Ikuto: Or nothing ,just walking by...

Amu in her mind: Why his my heart beat fast when he's near me !!!!!And worse ,he's my roommate..U///U (T_T woow already)

Ikuto: Why are you alone ?

Amu: Sense , when are you nice to me... not teasing ....

Ikuto: What you liked it when I'm teasing ya!^_^

Amu: noooo!!!It's because of you if I didn't make friends!!!0///0

Ikuto: Ah ...really...what about your fanboys?

Amu:Ok..Ok ...I got it!!!it's isn't your fault... Sorry! TxT

Then A bunch of fangirls who's were searching (amuto fanclub) for them !

Amu:Ikuto don't you hear that...seems like thoses fangirls ...Noooo ... Let's hide !

Ikuto then hold amu hand and then run always....

Amu in her mind: Omg his holding my hand...0///0Who knows that pervert will do later ...T_T

Ikuto: What about hiding in the dorm?

Amu: Yean ,for the time being.... In her mind:But that will make more suspect ! 0///0

Posted 7/24/11 , edited 6/25/15
They both went back to their dorm.

Amu: -signs- Finally, these fangirls are gone!T^T

Ikuto: -smirks- You make it sound like you want to be alone with me.

Amu: Who would want to stay with a old pervert!?

Ikuto: -teases- Awww, you aren`t cute!

Amu: Great, because I didn't intend to be! ....

With a smirk still on his handsome's face, Ikuto locked their door.

Amu: Why are you locking the door behind you?

Ikuto: I'm just making sure that none of these fangirls would jump on your room.

Amu: I don't think they will go as far as busting in this room. Well, unless they are that CRAZY...

He didn't reply leaving a heavy silence. Suddenly, he marched slowly toward her as she took step backs leading her back against the wall. Now that was weird, he was kind of scaring her.

Amu: H-hey! What are you doing!? Y-you are too close...get off me!

He titled her chin toward him and slowly leaned his lips against hers. Just a soft peck. He left her lips, widened his eyes as if he wasn't aware of what he was doing on the first place. And that was when he received a slap across his face.

Amu: ...H..H-how dare you!?

Her fists were trembling, tears slowly streaming down her face even though she was obviously trying to fought them back. She was angry at him...really mad...How can he get that low? She knew that he was playing with her and that she shouldn't take him seriously, but for some reasons that it really hurts...

Ikuto: I'm sorry...Amu.

He deserve it. He know that. But why did he do that? It seemed like his body just moved on his own and decide to kiss her. He knew he felt something special toward her...for now, he was utterly confused. When he saw her tears, he couldn't help but want to comfort her...seeing her upset, made him feel ashamed and mad at himself....For now, he just murmured a 'sorry' and patted her head softly.

Amu: ...that wasn't funny. -sniffs-

Ikuto: ...I know that's why It's alright if you can't forgive me, Amu...

Amu: ...Just promise me that you won't go as far from teasing me like this.

Ikuto: ...I promise.

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Posted 7/25/11 , edited 5/18/15

Then at the end ,they skip for the rest of this afternoon cauze Fangirls was really searching in the dorm ...

It's was now like 9h00pm

Amu: Ikuto ,i will take a shower ,first.....So wait up until I finished...And don't think of peeking on me or else your died!

Ikuto: Yean,yean like i'm interest it in a A-cup ....

Amu: Pervert...And I'm wearing a B-cup!!!!!0///0

Ikuto: Ah really,that more nicer!

Amu:You are the biggest pervert I ever saw my live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0////0

(Their bathroom is like that one Amu have in her home)

Amu takes her cloths ...Then she enter in the bathroom ... Take a shower about 15mins....Then Ikuto goes in the bathroom ( =_=Really Ikuto you are such a perv...)Amu was ♫singing a soft melody♫ while in the shower !And Ikuto saw like a reflection of a women body but hidden by the mist in the door of the shower ...

Ikuto: Why are you singing in there...

Amu: Ikuto What the hell are you doing there ...0///0

Ikuto: You are so slow ...So I thought about brushing my teeth ,instead of waiting you....T_T

Amu: You should have wait ... you darn bastard !!!!!!T^T(mad)

Meanwhile ,he takes her cloths ,go outside from the bathroom .. Then he hides it in her wardrobe... (That's what he was planing for the beggining)Meanwhile,she finished her shower ....and put a towel ... She saw then her cloths wasn't there anymore...

Amu: Darn that pervert ,hid my cloths somewhere!!!!!!!!Ikuto did you saw my cloth when you were in the bathroom .... ( telling him and she still in the bathroom)

Ikuto: Noo , it's was empty....(saying this with a smirk in his face)

Amu in her mind: I'm pretty sure i did brings them... guess I don't have a choice by going outside of this bathroom with a towel(it's was a short one it's goes until knee)! 0////0

Then she goes outside .... Ikuto eyes went wide atfer seeing her in towel!

Ikuto in his mind: Wow ,i did hid her cloths for teasing her ... But i really didn't thought did she looks innoncent and beautifull in a towel....0///0

Amu: Don't stare ...turn yourself you pervert ! 0///0

Ikuto did what she told him( Isn't this rare,will guess Ikuto is sure doing anything for her when she's cute) Amu went to the bathroom and put on her cloths ...and return to the room! Amu was wearing a pink tank top and black shorts...Ikuto eyes were widing again...go to the bathroom as fast as he can !

Ikuto in his mind: What's going on me...ever sense I saw her ...i want to touch her...0///0so badly but I can cauze I just scared her while I kissed her... Ok stop it Ikuto you are turning into a nasty guy...(he was putting a hand in his mouth with a wide eye )

Amu: I wonder what's going in his head,sometimes he's sweet,agressif,mysterious,... .my heard gonna explose ...In her mind; Somehow i wanna know him more....

Then Ikuto finish his shower and goes outside from the bathroom..he was like half nacked ( like a towel until his hip to the knee)

Amu: Ikuto!!!0///0

Ikuto: Amu ,you become a pervert seeing me like this ?

Amu: NOOOO !!!!I'm not !!!!0///0

Ikuto: Ah ,really ... then why are your eye is stearing at me...(with a smirk)

Amu: Stop it!TxT now go change in the bathroom !!!!!!0///0

Ikuto went to the bathroom ,and put his cloths on ... He was wearing a black pant and athletic shirt blue dark!

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Posted 7/26/11 , edited 8/17/11
Then Ikuto open the TV ....

Amu: Witch movie are you going to put!

Ikuto: What kind you like ?

Amu: Well i'm okey,with a romantic , comedy or action and horror movie ...

Ikuto: Horror movie...huh...are you sure ... you are a girl?

Amu: Yean, That doesn't mean I couldn't see them!T_T

Ikuto: Oken ,then let's make a deal ,we will see the horror movie,and if you scream then you have to clean the room by yourself ,means all the thing,even cleaning my own bed !it's for a day! (smirking )

Amu: What ! 0^0
In her mind: I should accept it,it's for just showing him that i'm not a scary cat !!!TxT

Ikuto: So,you accept it or not!

Amu:Okey..Okey...I accept your challenge!

Then Ikuto put this Movie:Silent hill(Warning!!!!It's really a real movie scary,I saw it , and i'm still scared of espally pyramide head and the burning body of Cybil)

Plot of the movie

Note; They turn the light off,in the room was so dark,it's for making it more scarier and eating Pop-corn both of them with orange Jus)

There were at this part ;When A child appears in the middle of the road, causing the main character swerve and crash the car, knocking herself unconscious.

Ikuto:Amu are you scared of ghost!(smirking)

Amu:No,I'm not !(She grips her hand on Ikuto arm)~LOL

Then Ikuto didn't want to continue teasing her ...He knew that amu was scared he let her graps his arm!(awww..That sweet of him)

There were now in this part where Pyramide Head appears and then kills a women In the church.

Ikuto: Amu don't you thinks that Pyramide Head is creepy?

Amu wasn't listening Ikuto...she was still gripping his arm and shaking so much ,watching the movie with wide eye !

Ikuto in his mind:She look like a little kid shaking like this but she still cute !

Amu: Huh! Did you said something...

Ikuto :Nothing,...Let's us continue the movie !

Then they were at this part when the main character and this police officer was escaping from a lady , into the descend into the hospital basement...Then suddendly, thoses nurses undead touching her shoulder (It's so scary) and then later Pyramide head was there for killing them ...

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20 / F / in my dreams with...
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11

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Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11


Ok, i will continue ....but at least ,can people write ideas if you have ,cauze it's not just for me this game it's online for all amuto fans !
Same for
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Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
Amu then scream ,she couldn't hide it anymore....Then Ikuto was smirking( Let me guess cauze he won)

Ikuto: Amu I guess I won...

Amu :Yean right

At the end Amu was sulking until the end of the movie ....(she stoped hugging his arm and was crossing hers arms)

Ikuto: Amu prepare for me ,my bed

Amu: Listen up ,I did take a deal for cleaning this room but not to be your slave !!!

Ikuto: Oh really ,then how will you know that best time to clean my things then...

Amu: Whatever ....T_T

When Amu was preparing Ikuto bed ... Ikuto was like in his bed ... she has to put the blanket over him...but instead of doing this ,Ikuto grap her hand then push her until she fells on his chest !

Amu: Ikutooooooooo!!!!!0///0 What did I just told you before !!!!
(she left up then scream at him)

Ikuto: T_T yean ,yean ,then goodnight !(smirking again and turn his head ,and sleeps )

Amu: Same to you !

Then amu go to her bed ...And tried to sleeps but she couldn't becauze of the movie she saw this night ..she still remember thoses nurses undead,ghost , pyramide head,...

Posted 7/29/11 , edited 5/18/15
Soon, Amu felt asleep and dreamt about 'Silent hill'. She was alone in the so-called 'Silent hill' town, walking randomly straight to an alley with no end nor destination. She kept walking and walking...until she heard something shift and shrieked.

Amu: Is there someone out here!? ...

A shadowy figure moved and approached her unconscious trembling form from behind. She could feel that person reach her out. Smartly enough, Amu decided for the best to run away from the creepy person as fast as she could.

When she was out of breath, (more importantly safe for the moment), she stopped and hid somewhere. And that's when someone (whose not the person from earlier) appeared... for a second, she was terrorized by fear.

??? : What are you doing here, Amu!? This place is dangerous...!

Blinking her eyes, she recognized that deep voice (who seemed to know who she is) and turned her head to her right side to see a familiar handsome blue-haired... Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

As soon she saw it was him, she released a relieved sign that she has been holding...and soon she started to cry out of relief...Admittedly, Amu was scared to the point she had hugged him. She would usually put on a tough act, but when she was with Ikuto...strangely enough, she would break from her fake facade (whether he was an illusion or not) .

Amu: Ikuto did you get here!?

Ikuto: ...It's a long story. Don't worry, Amu. We will get out of here.

He hugged back, his presence was a comfort for her. She wouldn't mind continuing going on to search for an exit with him.
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Posted 7/31/11 , edited 7/31/11
Amu: Ikuto don't you hear this's seems like foots

Then Pyramide head appears in front of them

Return to reality ,but amu was still dreaming.....

Ikuto: Amu what's wrong ?

Then amu was crying..Ikuto thought she was cute when she's cries ...Then she screams saying;
Pyramide head is there there to kill us!

Ikuto: Seriously ,you are dreaming about that monster ...
In his mind;Why not me?

Then he wakes her up from her nightmare ,he throws her a glass of water in her face !

Amu: Bawwww!!!!!0_0 (she was wet in front of her face)Why did you do this for ?

Ikuto:I did this cauze you were screaming while sleeping ...geez....T_T

Amu: Sorry ...

Posted 7/31/11 , edited 6/25/15
For awhile, they were trying to fall asleep but suddenly Amu spoke, breaking the silence.

Amu: -whispers- I'm scared...! Ikuto, are you there?

Ikuto: Again? You are still dreaming about Silent Hill?

Amu: I'm not!

Amu: ( Yes!!! How did he know?)

Ikuto: Are you that scared?

Amu : ...Well.... to be honest, y-yes.

Ikuto: I see. Mmm, I have an idea. If I kiss you, you would stop thinking about that movie.

Amu: ...Ehh-- WHAT!? N-never, you perv! 0///0

She remembered when Ikuto had previously kissed her and started to blush more.

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