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Ikuto: Thinking about pervert things again ...huh (while smirking)

Amu: No .....0///0
In her mind: shout ,he's really reading my mind or something!Do it really appears in my face that much!

Ikuto: Guess ,I have no choice !U_U

Amu: Huh T_T

Ikuto: We will sleep together in same bed!

Amu: Seriously,i'm not sleeping with a flirty pervert guys !!!!!!!In your dreams!!!!!!0///0

Ikuto: Ok,then don't wake me again ....zzzzz......

Amu: Wooooowwwww,That fast !!!!!
In her mind : I'm really scared ,i can't , guess I have to trust him ...i have no choice ! U_U

Amu: Ikuto ,I accept ,can you wake up!(with innocent face)

Ikuto: I waited !( Smirking)

Amu in her mind: Wooow again fast ! This guys is such a flirty!

Ikuto: Come in , I'm waiting !(with an attractive voice)

Amu: // 0_0//

Ikuto: why are you make this face ?

Amu: You seems like a old pedophile ,telling me to come over here !T_T'

Ikuto: What ?!! ?Serously ,it's even the first time I invite a girl to sleep with me ....

Amu in his mind: So it's his first time ,that make him cute when his still a pure one!What the hell Am I saying?

Amu: Ok sorry .... I will came ...0///0

The bed was king seize for both of them... so it's was ok for them ,they got a lot of space!
They were sleeping like each other did have his head in the other side ...

Ikuto in his mind: Woww,why do I feel nervous around her , I will stay still with my smirk!then!

Amu In her mind: Why do I fell so relaxed that much .....

Then Amu sleeps already ...Ikuto turn his head to speak with amu ...but then he stares at her ...She looked so adorable and so pretty while she sleeps ...Ikuto couldn't resist anymore ,he kiss her again ... press his lips on hers...(XD kya ) Amu was still sleeping...

Ikuto in his mind: Gosh ,I did it again! I should controle myself next time ,or else i will hurt her again!

Then turn his head and sleeps ,....

Next morning

Amu wakes up and see that she was hugging Ikuto from his back the all night , she was sure putting her hand on his chest....


Ikuto: What again?

Then he saw that she was shaking sitting down from his bed ....and blushing madly !

Ikuto: Did you dream about a pervert thing then ...(smirking )

Amu: no.....0////0
In her mind: Should I tell him ,what did I do or not's like I did advantage of him ...Ok I will tell him..

Amu: well you see , I was hugging you from the back!!!!0///0 ( was blushing so much)I'm sorry!!!!!!!

Ikuto then turn around blushing...She was so cute all embarrassed like this !

Amu in her mind: Was I imagining thing Ikuto blushing ...nah,,,he wouldn't ...his specialty is to smirk!T_T(Lol ~Amu you so harsh to him)

Ikuto : Ok then let's prepare yourself to school now !

(note: Guys ,don't forget that amu has to clean everything ,sense she made a deal with ikuto,remember this when you are writing something next)

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Amu: I'm going to borrow the bathroom for a shower first...

Ikuto: Sure, go ahead...Or are you inviting me in? -smirks-

Amu: !!! You stupid PERV.

...she picked up her clothes and made sure to lock the door this time. Amused, Ikuto leaned down toward her bed, lazily. That was when his cellphone suddenly rang and he answered the call as he saw it was his sister, Hoshina Utau.

Ikuto: Yo Utau...why did you call me?

Utau: Ikuto-Ikutooo-Ikuutoo~♥♥♥♥~! I miss you so much~♥♥!

For now, Ikuto was safe from her reach as Utau went to a school trip in New York... For what he recalled, one week was left before she comes back to Japan. Talk about bad time, Amu just came out from the bathroom, done with her shower and dressed for school.

Amu: I'm done...You can go ahead and take your bath.

Amu narrowed her eyes when she saw him speaking on his phone. That was the first time she saw him on his phone, talking with someone. She quickly assume that someone called him for sure...

Amu: ...Sorry!

Utau: Huh? I hear someone...a GIRL's voice? Don't tell me-

His sister's voice went interrupted as Ikuto answered Amu.

Ikuto: Oh dear, Amu, you forgot to make my bed...

Amu: Geez, you could have told me that earlier! And don't call me 'dear'!?

(Amu's POV: I wonder with whose talking's his girlfriend? Arghh- who cares? I mean I'm not jealous or something...wait why did I even think about it!? Arghhh, get it together, Amu...he is just playing with me, he doesn't love me! I guess I'm going to ask.)

Amu: -whispered-...Who are you talking to?

Ikuto ... Bye, Utau. Gotta go...

(Amu's POV: He didn't need to end his call! Arghh, whatever...for now, he was talking with this 'Utau' ...she is a girl...I guess after all he might have a girlfriend....damn this playboy! Why do I feel- ...I wonder how she looks like, Ikuto's girlfriend... )

Ikuto didn't hear her since he was talking with Utau, so there was no response to her questions....Amu decided to ask him later because she wasn't feeling that well. She went and made his bed as Ikuto took his quick shower.
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Then Ikuto finish his shower ...he put his uniforms,and go out with a towel in hair !

Note: Ikuto is so handsome when his hair is wet!XD

Amu:Ikuto was it your girlfriend you were talking just now ?

Ikuto:I fell like someone is jealous around!

Amu: T_T ,no i'm not idiot!

Meanwhile with utau

Utau: Ahtchou ...Why do I fell like someone is talking about me ?_If it's Ikuto I wouldn't mind!~Ikuto♥♥♥♥

Return to Amu and Ikuto...they go to the class

Class whispered: Did you heard those two weren't not there this yesterday atfernoon .. I wonder what were they doing?

Amu in her mind:Oh gosh,they are starting again with stupid rumor!I hope they don't said that Me and Ikuto are going out! Hope not !

Fangirls: Amu and Ikuto are going out !!!!!!!!!Oh la,la ,la !!!!!!!!They are so hot together !

Amu:Seriously thoses fangirls need to shut up!
In her mind:what the hell, even those fangirls can olso read minds...
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A random fangirl interrogated Ikuto.

Ikuto's Fangirl: Ikuto-sama, is it true that you are going out with Hinamori-san!?0/////0

Ikuto: Yes, I am. -smirks-

Amu: Why are you make this situation worse?! And why would I go out with a pervert like you!0////0

Ikuto: Like this, no one's going to interrupt our lovey-dovey moment. -still smirking-

Then, the ring bells and everybody went to their classroom. Instead of listening to the teacher's lecture, the students were passing a piece of paper to each others, written: "The most smexy couple at school: Amuto 4ever"

Time Skip - Lunch Time

Amu: -signs- Finally, for the love of peace!

Ran: Amu-chan, you are so popular now!

Miki: Don't get mad, at least, you have a hot boyfriend that girls would kill for! ~

Amu: Not again, I told you that we aren't meant for each others!

Suu: But ~desu~ we never brought this out and you are contradicting yourself!



Suu: Amu-chan, calm down~desu~!

Ran: Guys, can you feel it? The presence of an X egg! Go, Amu-chan! Lets transform!

Amu: Gotcha! Unlock my heart!

~Amulet Heart Transformation~

Meanwhile with Ikuto who was laying on the tree's branch and just staring at the sky.

Yoru: Ikuto, I can feel the Humpty Lock~'Nya!

IKuto: Humpty Lock? ...Let's go, Yoru!

Back to Amu

She was flying and detected the X Egg that was near the school's field.

X Egg: Useless,useless... Alone... one LIKES ME!

Amu: Don't go assuming that everyone would love for who you are! They are times when you have to go through a lot to gain acceptance from others! Nobody's perfect and everyone is trying to fit in this world! So please, believe on yourself!

X Egg: Useless...use-

Amu: Un--lock!

X Egg: U S E L E S S

The X Egg purified and turned into a white egg.

Suu: Nice job, Amu-chan~desu!

Amu went back to her original form. Ikuto was there, hiding behind a tree. He didn't saw anything from earlier.

Ikuto: It's just Amu ..why did we feel the Humpty Lock ?
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Amulet HeartOlder Amu Hinamori

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Then Ikuto jumps from the tree

Ikuto: Amu what are you doing here?

Then he saw that she posed the humpty lock

Amu: Ikuto ..0///0 ,where you all the time there ?
In her mind: I hope ,he didn't saw my transformation with ran ....

Ikuto: Amu, do you posed this humpty lock( he came closer to her with serious eye)

Then Amu saw aroud ikuto hip ,that a key were attached to his belt...That was the Dumpty key

Amu: You have the Dumpty key!( with wide eye)

Ikuto: Answer me !( he put his hand in amu's chin)

Amu: Well you see... 0///0(tell him the story)


Amu was 11years old ,when she meets this little dude who's gives her the humpty lock ,he's were the same age....At this time ,Amu egg were born!

Bully#1:Hey kid, give me your money !

????: What , why should I ?

Bully #2 : If you don't give me , i will kick you ass! (he grip his cape who were blue)
????: Woow, you don't scare me ?You are just a bunch of a jealous guys!

Bully#1 : What did you said kid?(push the wall)

????: (shaking )

Then amu appears in front of those bullies

Amu: Hey you move it ! you block the path!T-T

Bully#2: What did you said ,kid ?

Bully#1: Wait a minute,you are Hinamori amu-san , the one who's controling people mind and beat up the soccer team( he was pointing to her and shaking ) ...My god... We are sorry!!!!!!!!!!

Then the two guys run over from her

Amu: Bunch of idiots !T_T ,by the ways ,are you alright?What your name?

????: I'm fine thanks ,my name is Hotori Tadase-san ! (angel smile)

Amu: Don't worry!Girls always helps each other (pounding his shoulder while saying this) ,by the ways ,why are you wearing a guys uniform ?
In her mind: This person is so darn cute

Tadase: What are you saying ? I'm a guy !

Amu: What ?

Return to Amu and Ikuto

Ikuto: Woow ,you thought he were a girl!!!(laughing so hard that his stomach hurt)

Amu: //U_U//

Return to the flashback

Then Tadase left over ...And he fall something on the ground..It's was the humpty lock

Amu: Hey wait!!

But it was too late ,Tadase left her already

Ran : Amu don't worry, you will find him for sure ...

Miki: Amu do you know what's this ?You can transform with us and have more power ..and you dream will become more true !You better keep it to yourself!

Suu: No ,that not good ,she will become a bad girl,if she does!~desu

Miki: unlock my heart !!!

Amu: waaaaaaa!!!!(scream) .... Wow what's thoses cloths ... woow i can draw ,singing, play an instrument ,and build something olso ......Woww ...I'm so keeping this humpty lock for my self!

Amulet Spade

Ran &Suu: Woow,now she won't change her mind !

Return to amu and Ikuto

Ikuto: So you stole it from this kid !(smirking to her ,I forget to tell you guys he's were so close to her face)

Amu: No 0///0, i told you ,he fall this darn humpty lock! And you why do have this dumpty lock?

Ikuto: well it's a keep-save from my father !Unlike someone who's find it in the ground!(smiking)


Ikuto then hold her hand ....

Amu: Ikuto...0///0(♥heartbeat♥)

Ikuto: let's return to class!


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Then suddenly the Dumpty Lock and Humpty Key were shining so much

Amu: What the .....What is it?

Ikuto then come closer her to caught that humpty lock who's were tied in her neck...

Amu in her mind: Omg,for a second,I thought he were about to touch my breast when i saw his hand coming in front of me ! 0///0 What the hell ,i'm such a perv!!!

Ikuto: Will it fit (saying this in her ear)

Amu : 0///0 mmmmmm....(blushing madly)

Then ikuto come closer and closer to her .... To reach the lock ....

Amu: I told you to stop it,you pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!//>_<//

Then he Dumpty Lock and Humpty Key stopped to shine !

Ikuto:Oh it's doesn't fit ....the hole is blocked ! (while holding to her lock ,try to put the key)

Amu: Ikuto did you feel this feeling....//T_T//
In her mind: I fell like I were so close to him ... Like we were ♥Lovers♥

Ikuto: What?//T_T//

Amu: Oh , never mind!//U_U//

Then they went to class

Ikuto in his mind: Wow,me too i did fell this feeling that I were so close to her like ♥Lovers♥,I can stop thinking about it!

Amu: Ikuto ..are you listening (with a cute face)

Ikuto: what do you want ?//T_T//
In his mind: Again with this cute face!

Amu: Nothing ...

Ikuto: Ah ,you are thinking again with this ... Don't worry,you Lock will fit perfectly my Key!(while smirking)+(theirs classmates did heard what he said~Lol amu that so embarrassing)

Fangirls : Did they done it !already together ....Wow that was fast! (whispering)

Amu: 0///0 ,We haven't done anything wrong!!!(screaming)

Fanboys: That a relief,she still a virgin ! Hinamori-san blush is so cute~daydreaming~

Fangirls: Ikuto-sama did you really did it with her !

Ikuto:Yup! (while smirking to amu)

Amu:0///0,We haven't !!!!!Then why don't you proof it!

Ikuto: Okey, you wear a B-cup!(smirking again to her)

Fangirls: That true ! Woow,that's why they are hot!!!!!Kya!!!!!!!!

Amu :
In her mind: You will pay it atfer we go to the dorm !!!!!!

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Talk about bad time, class started whilst Amu was still mad at Ikuto for being such a troll. Amu, who was just standing there, was caught by Nikaidou-sensei who entered the classroom.

Nikaidou-sensei: Himamori-san...Himamori-san--

Amu: (That stupid, old, perverted bastard...ARGHHHH, how dare he!? This filthy pervert is going to regret messing me! Just you wait, Tsukiyomi Ikuto, I'll make you regret this! )

Nikaidou-sensei: Himamori-san ............Himamori Amu--


The whole class stared in awe at Amu's outburst as they quietly anticipated what will happen next,

Amu: (Oh shit, I am screwed! I shoud haven't say that....It's the bastard's fault that I have go through all of this! )

-awkward silence-

Nikaidou-sensei: Ahh, Hinamori-san, for being so rude and disturbing the class, you will be suspended for tomorrow !

Amu: Yes, Nikaidou-sensei.

Amu: (HELL YEAH, I can relax for tomorrow with these filthy rumors nowhere to be heard and most importantly I won't see that bastard for hours! Finally, this is real freedom! And not only this, I can use that time to plot against that old perv. Oh, I am going to enjoy this for real!)

An evil smirk was plastered on Amu's face, she observed Ikuto's back as she was sending unconsciously shivers that would have scared anyone. Nonetheless, Ikuto didn't notice it. Class ended, it was break time. Amu decided to remain in the classroom, sitting on her desk.

Ikuto: Why aren't you going somewhere...? That's strange.

With that said, Amu mustered her most intimidating glare at him,

Amu: Hell, I rather stay there than have you stalk me for more hellish encounters. Inside is less troublesome. If I go somewhere, you stalk me and because of that, your fans will get the wrong idea. Why am I even bothering myself to explain this to some brainless perv like you!?Just get out of my sight, you bastard! (Oh, did she went far...)

For a second, Ikuto's eyes widened a bit but then he returned to his normal composure. A finger titled Amu's chin up so she had to look at Ikuto's eyes,

Fangirls&Fanboys: Oh...oh!!! Is this going where we are thinking it is going! >///<

Amu: Leave. Me. Alone.

Ikuto's face was getting closer to hers as she could feel his breath lingering against her face, she saw a hint of hurt in his eyes, but then nothing in the blink of a second.

Ikuto: Do you think you went a bit too far, Amu? Not this way...I don't want to be told like this by you...

Fangirls&Fanboys: Ohhhh!!!

Amu: ...I...just leave me alone. (Was I too harsh?)

Ikuto: ...I don't want to.

Unable to gaze into Ikuto's face, Amu tried to look side ways but she couldn't since he tilted her head softly toward him and leaned near her face. They looked like they are going to kiss.

Fangirls&Fanboys: Oh my god, are they going to kiss!?O/////O

Amu started to get hot, her face was red as a tomato. This tension was too heavy for her: she just wanted to apologize already but somewhere else she was wanted to see more beneath these eyes. It was contradiction but she ended by giving in,

Amu: ...I-I...I'm sorry. I just need some time for myself ...sorry.

Fanboys: Hinamori-san looks very cute!>/////<

Ikuto removed his finger and turned to the other side to hide a hint of pink in his cheeks but then he just brushed off as he nodded and left the classroom.

in Amu: (!!! ...Ehh, is he blushing? No...this must be my imagination...)
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Classes were finished, so everyone went back to their dorm.

Amu: (Act like the usual. Nothing happened.) Ikuto, I'm going to the bathroom to change my clothes before you.

Ikuto: -smirks- You know you are always welcomed to change in front of me, Amu.

Amu: Arghh, shut up you perv! 0///0

Ikuto: Mmm, I won't take this as a 'yes' or a 'no'. You can still think if your answer is yes or no, take your time. -is still smirking-

Amu: Shouldn't this be obvious?! It's a NO!

The door was closed with a loud sound and she made sure to lock the door otherwise who knows what that perv was up to.

Amu: Gosh, do I hate him so much! Arghhh, I was worried for nothing! Wait- as if I was worried for him, that stupid perverted, stupid cat! I really want to wipe that smirk off of his dumb, idiotic face!

Miki: Here goes the tsundere Amu we all know.

Ran: Go,go Amu-chan!

Miki: Maybe she's being too hysteric due to pregnancy?

Suu: Pregnancy? Amu-chan is pregnant ~desu? >//////<

Amu : S H U T - T H E - H E L L - U P O R - - D I E

Suu: -shivers- Really scary~desu!

Ran: Ah, scary!

Miki: ( Amu is such a persistent denier. I wonder where this stubbornness comes from. We already know you love Ikuto. It's all written in your heart. ) ...Whatever just go change your clothes already!

Amu finished and went back to the room only to see Ikuto laying in her bed like the lazy cat he is.

Ikuto: Ah, you are done, finally. I was wondering why someone was screaming in the bathroom. Speaking of that someone, clean my wardrobe, Amu.

Amu: I just went back from the darn bathroom and you are suddenly asking me to- arghhh...Are you for real?! .. And GET OUT OF MY BED, you have your own!

Ikuto: Don't forget that was the deal of our challenge. -smirks- Ah, also, ask nicely.

Amu: Whatever! Just get the hell out from my bed

Ikuto: -smirks- Amu, you aren't near to 'nice' or even 'cute'.

Amu: Oh SHUT UP!

Suddenly, Ikuto's cellphone was ringing, he took out his phone and answered the phone call;

Amu: (Again with a phone call... I bet it's his girlfriend who is calling...what was her name again? Mmmm...ah, it was Utau. Anyways, might start cleaned this dumb-face's darn wardrobe. )

Ikuto: Ah, Utau. Why are you calling?

Utau: Ikuto~♥♥♥♥, I missed you~♥♥♥!

Ikuto: When are you going to be back?

Utau: Awww, I will be back after two days Ikutoo~♥♥♥! Don't worry, missed me right~♥♥♥♥?

Ikuto: Actually, your random phone calls are starting to annoy me...

Utau: Why are you always so mean to me, Ikutooo ?

Meanwhile, Amu was cleaning Ikuto's wardrobe.

Amu: ( How long is he going to talk to has been like one hour or more... argh! Leave him, alone, Amu!)
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Amu: T-T....

Ikuto: Utau I should go,so bye !

Then he close his cellphone

Amu: Finally,who what's it ?What's it your girlfriend?

Ikuto: If I said ,yes what will you do ?(smirking)

Amu: Then she's really your girlfriend !

Ikuto : Nah,not really ,you will meet her soon !

Amu: Ah,really!Hope we will be friends!

Then Ikuto take his shower ... And again he goes outside with a towel until his hip to knee

Amu: 0///0 How many time do I said to you ,to not be around the room ,a haft naked !I'm not a dude like you ...geez...(while pointing to him while shaking)I'm a women !

Ikuto: Ah,really ! (smirking to her)

Amu: mmmmmmmmmm...0////////0(heartbeat)

Ikuto: Do you want me to make you feel like a women ?(he put his hand in amu's chin ,he were so close to her)

Amu: What?!0////0

Warning! (But not to much,just a little)I can't believe that i'm writing this //U_U'//

Then suddendly ,they fall down in the ground ! Ikuto was in top of her (he was still wearing a towel,0///0)

Ikuto: Amu ... I can take it anymore ?(whispering to her ear)

Amu:Ikuto ,please stop it!(with a cute face)>////<(heartbeat)

Then ikuto started to lick amu's neck and he put a hand in amu shoulder's and the other in the ground close to amu hair in the right side....Amu was moaned louder...

Ikuto: Amu you so unfair , unless i'm half-nacked and you are with cloths...( he said to her ear and was breathed so fast)

Amu: hahaaaaaaaaa....( soft voice) (heartbeat)

Then Ikuto saw how she was so beautiful and pure amu was ..Then he put his lip in hers .... That was a french kiss... He kissed her gently ! Then Amu kiss him back!

Ikuto: mmmmmm....(shock that she kissed him back and then smile kindly while kissing her)//U_U//

Amu:mmmmmmm...(where almost out of breath)>///<

Suddenly ,a stalker was walking around his room saw from his window , amuxikuto kissing so passionately...from their window ....That ways amu and ikuto was in position ,make anyone blush 0///0..Ikuto was still in top of amu ...he did have his hands close down in the grown up to her head...and Amu was putting her hands in ikuto's chest ! (lol~she such a perv.) This stalker take a picture of them,without the flash with his phone ....Then Ikuto stop kissing amu ...And he looked at the window ....

Ikuto: Who's there ?

Amu: Will you stop it ... Imagine if someone saw us like this ... >////<(was still breathed so fast and down in the ground)

Ikuto: Okey,but i will continue for tomorrow...(smirking to her)

Amu: Why do you always do this to me ?Do you always do this to your fangirls?(scream and crying)

Ikuto: Cauze your interesting !(smile of a prince ,and blush a lit bit)

Amu: (heartbeat)

Ikuto: Well I'm sorry if I scare you !(turn around blushing )

Amu in her mind: He's blushing again..I'm not dreaming, that for real...I thinks that he likes me !!!0///0

Amu : Ikuto are you blushing ?(again with a cute face)

Then Ikuto went to the bathroom to put his pajama..( a black pant and athletic shirt white saying `Rock my live`in black with 2 lines on both sides)

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Ikuto in his mind: Nice one, now I become more nasty to her !I hope that she's not scared of me

Then they sleep ,each others in their own bed ! Amu couldn't sleep after what happen ...
Still thinking about this romantic kiss!

Note:Amu was suspended for class tomorrow

The morning

Ikuto: Ahhhh(yawn)

Amu :Wake up ! you lazy put!

Ikuto: That not nice !Amu-koi..

Amu: Koi... Whatever T-T prepare yourself to school!It's already 7h00 ...You just have 1hours left !

Then Ikuto take a shower and went to school....When he was walking in corridor..In the white wall their were a hot picture of them(amuxikuto while kissing)~(guess who's put it,it's was that stalker, I was talking from this night) ...

Ikuto: Wow....What is this ?(smiking and put a hand in his chin)


fanboys: Wow! That so hot! +_+

Ikuto: I wonder what will do amu atfer she saw this ! I can't wait for tomorow! (smirking)

Fangirls: Ikuto-sama , you are so fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!xD Kya, Kya,a half -naked !!!!!!(nosebleed)

Then the day finish,Ikuto return to the dorm ... With a big smirk in his face while seeing amu sitting in her bed !

amu: What is it?//T-T //

Ikuto:Oh nothing, just as you know ,you will like something for tomorow..just wait! (smirking and with a sexy position in his bed )

Amu in her mind: what the hell ,is he saying ?he can be sometimes an idiot ! God,i wonder what is it ?

Then next morning ,when amu was walking to the corridor....she saw this picture in the white wall !

Amu: What the ???0///0 Who put this ???(hands close and her back curve,while pointing to this picture)

Then ikuto walks and saw amu with such an embarrassing face !

Ikuto:Amu what is it ?


Ikuto: woow,that sure a hot scene there ! (smirking and putting his hand in his chin)

Amu: Nahhhh!!!!you pervert ...Thanks to you ruined my live!!!!!!

Ikuto: Amu I should be the one who's embaressed cauze i was the one half-naked not you!

Amu:Why you!!!!!!!>_<

Ikuto: by the ways ,this picture was already there yesterday !

Amu: Why didn't you throw it!!!!!!!(scream)

Ikuto: Cauze I wanna see your cute embarrassing face !(smirking)

Amu:(mad) Whatever !!!!!! (then she takes this picture and throw it at the garbage)

Ikuto: I wonder who's did take this picture ?

Then the two of them went to class

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Suddenly, a bunch of Amuto fangirls surrounded these two and one of them asked :

Amuto's fangirl#1 : Can you write your autograph in that picture!

A picture was shoved to Amu's face, and frankly, that picture shouldn't have been spread, it made poor Amu nearly faint... but the fact that EVERYONE could have seen it...a picture that contained something that shouldn't be seen and supposedly should have been private. Her and Ikuto. Amu and him. Making out. Or in Amu's words, Ikuto being the pervert he is and decided to kiss her to tease the hell out of her.

Amu: ...

Ikuto: ...-smirks-


She was seeing red now. If it wasn't for the humiliation...she would have passed out already. Her reputation was at stake, because of this so-called, perverted bastard who merely smirked and went to his desk like there was nothing wrong in the first place. Ikuto didn't even try to fix the misunderstanding...wait, what misunderstanding? She enjoyed it as well and that made her feel disgusted of herself.... But why for the love of god, why was this happening to her!? That wasn't funny one bit. It was Ikuto's fault not hers!


He was snoring. Amu's fanboys stared in awe at her,

Amu's fanboy#1: Hinamori-sama looks very cute when she is mad~! >/////<

Amu's fanboy#2: Yea~! But it's a shame she is already taken by Tsukiyomi-san!


Amuto's fangirl#3 : We bought from someone who were selling them!? It wasn't cheap, but worth it!>/////<


From the look of it, Amu was already ready to commit a murder.

Amuto's fangirl#2 : F-from a student... (Woah, she is scary!)


Amuto's fangirl#1: ...W-we don't remember.

Amuto's fangirl#2: Yes, we didn't pay attention...this picture was more important..

Amuto's fangirl#3: Anyways, can you sign it for us?

Amu went to her desk. She was too tired to deal with this bullshit. It was for the best to ignore these fangirls who kept pestering her for an autograph. She was really mad. So, the fangirls gave up on her and decided to ask Ikuto,

Amuto's fangirl#3: Can you sign it for us, Ikuto-sama?

Amuto's fangirl#1: No, wait! We can ask for better! How about...

Amuto's fangirl#2: Tell us a secret about you and Hinamori-sama!?

Right there, his ever still-present smirk was bad news for Amu. Immediately, behind of the small crowd that surrounded him, Amu held her arms high and crossing them to make an 'X' as her expression begged him for no more unnecessary misunderstanding. Ikuto saw it,

Ikuto: ...I approve of that expression. Don't worry, Amu, we will continue for today -smirks-

Amuto's fangirl#3: What was that? Is it what I think? >/////<

Amuto's fangirl#2: Yes, is it! Ah, my nose is bleeding~! >/////<

Amuto's fangirl#1: -faints-


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Nikaidou-sensei opens the door and amazingly- every students seemed to have gone back to their desks. Unnoticed, Amu was still standing in front of Ikuto's desk.

Nikaidou-sensei: Himamori-san, what are you doing here?

When she hears his voice, the so-called Himamori turns back to see that her sensei was here with a goofy smile plastered on his face.

Amu : Umm... sorry...Nikaidou-sensei.

She lowered her head down out of politeness, put on a fake smile and sat back to her desk.

(In Amu's mind: My name is Hinamori not Himamori...arghh this teacher never learns! )

Time skip - Dinner Time

Amu went out on the school's field on her usual spot to eat her dinner.

Suu: What a beautiful weather~desu!

Miki: Maybe I should draw something!

Ran: How about doing some gymnastic, Amu-chan ?

Amu: No... Ran, I feel like my head is going to explode!

Suu: Are you alright~desu?

Ran: You sound weird today... Amu-chan, daijobu?

Amu: How could I be alright when everyone on this school seems to have a screw on their heads!? Ahh head hurts

Miki: Says the one who wants impress's Ikuto again, right?

Amu: Shush, he is totally blackmailing me!

Miki: Well, you are so easy to provoke...its obvious how he could take advantage of that!

Amu: I'm not! I hate that SCHOOL...

Miki: Why did you choose this school on the first place?

Amu's Flashback

Midori (Amu's mom): We'll have to move out again, dearie. You have to change school as includes a dorm in which you will be staying. Don't worry, I know a good school!

Amu: Its for another work, right? I can stay alone don't need to transfer me in a other school....

Midori : But, Mama and Papa worries for you, dearie! We both don't want to leave you alone! A dorm will be more lively... and we don't want you to be lonely...please for me and Papa!

Amu: ...I can handle myself perfectly. I'm sixteen, I'm not a child anymore. But if you insist, I u-understand.

Midori: Oh thank you, dearie! Its the famous Seiyo's school by the way....Its known for being a rich school and having lovely students...I'm sure you will be fine! Ahh- Mama also wouldn't mind if you got a boyfriend!

Amu: ... Alright.

Midori: Cool and spicy~! -sparkles eyes-

End of the Flashback

Miki: ....

Ran: Wow...

Suu: Ooohh

Amu: Please stop looking as if I am the one whose crazy here!
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Meanwhile,some girls that hated amu ,cauze she was so close to Ikuto(Ikuto fanclub) so they wanna to do something bad to her ( T_T fangirls are sure annoying) So they thought about throwing water to her ....Amu was outside walking .... Then one of thoses fangirls thow, from second floor ,a bucket of water on amu!

Amu: Waaaaaa!!!!!!(scream) WHO DID THAT?

Fangirls(haters): Ah... we are sorry ... we didn't saw you walking down !

Amu: Why you ? YOU WILL PAY IT!!!!!!(scream)Atchou ..

But thoses fangirls haters was already gone ....

Amu: Now what should I do ?

Miki: You know you are lucky that you didn't wear a pale cloths,or else your underwear did be show ,by now !

Amu:0///0 (blush madly)

But any chance ,Ikuto was passing by there ... (where amu was)

Ikuto: Amu ,what happen?You cloths are wet !

Amu: Oh...well...

Ikuto: you look sexy like this wet !( put his hand in his chin while smirking to amu) But it's will be better if it's were transparent!

Amu:Why you pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!0/////0

Then Ikuto approach to her ...

Amu: What are you trying to do?//0^0//

A bunch of guys was passing by ....Suddenly ikuto hugs amu ...he put his hand in amu's back....

Amu mind: I can feel his breath....>_<He's so close ...0///0 So that's what a boy's shampoo smell like...why am i thinking in a time like this ?

Ikuto: I hope ,thoses guys goes always(whispers to amu ear)

Amu: ///>_<///mmmmmmmmm.....

Guys: Wow ,look at them,a couple,they sure hot together! (then they leave them alone)

Then amu push ikuto back... Amu already catch a cold cauze this day was really cold outside !Atfer a few second,Ikuto hold her like a bride style ..

Amu: What do you thinks your doing ?//0^0//

Ikuto: it's just that i want to bring you to the dorm .... sense you catch already a cold !

Amu:(with wide eye)
In her mind: There he goes again being nice to me ?

Then Amu and ikuto goes to the dorm ....then ikuto lay her down to her bed ... amu was breathing fast and was hot(Fever) To mention amu button's uniform(from up) was ikuto could see a bit of her chest...

Ikuto: //T_T//

Amu: What's with this face ?

Then ikuto was about to leaves but then amu pull with her fingers to his uniform shirt from behind...

Ikuto: (shock about was she did ) What do you want ?

Amu: I want to know why did you help me back then...

Ikuto: Because i'm interested on you !

Amu: Stop kidding me !!Be serious for ones !!!!( saying that with a sad look ,but with a cute face)

Then Ikuto kiss amu's forehead

Amu: 0////0(wide eye)

Ikuto :That's because I love you ! (with a real smile ,not smirking anymore)

Amu: //0^0//(♥heartbeat♥)

Ikuto: Then ,i will let you rest a bit ! (rekiss amu's forehead and leaves)

Amu blush madly that she couldn't said a word!!!!!

Miki: Back to earth amu !T-T

Ran & suu : are you alright!

Amu: OMG!!!!!!He just confess to me !!!!!how can he be so calm like this !!!!!!!And how should I respond him !!!!!!

Miki: Wasn't this obvious... T_T

Ran: Yean , That right !

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After that Ikuto went away, Amu went to the bathroom to change her clothes, came back on her bedroom, and sat on her bed.

Suu: I'm so happy for you, desu~

Amu: Can you guys be a little serious!?

Ran: Amu-chan! Ganbatte!

Miki:Amu, your face is red should rest .....or is it him that made you like this? (she's totally teasing Amu here)

Amu: Oh, shut up Miki!

Suu: Amu, you've changed so much, desu~! In the past, when boys stated their love for you, you would have rejected them without a second thought ....but its different now... Ikuto-san loves you...and you care for him~desu!

Amu: Guys, can stop being over-dramatic!? I grew up...and I was like twelve back then? My point is that I do sure care about my love confession unlike before!

Miki: -whispers- We, your Shugo Charas, can totally sense your feelings...It's obvious that you love him back!

Ran: Amu-chan get some rest for now! -turns and whispers back to miki- We'll talk about it later, Miki!

Amu: Alright, guys...just don't anything funny while I go sleep!

She slept, her fever went down as she rested. For a while, Amu woke up slowly opening her eyes ....

Amu: ...What is the time now?

Miki: You slept for two hours.

Amu: That much!?

Ran: School will finish soon ~

Suu: Are you alright, Amu-chan~desu ?

Amu: I'm alright now, my cold disappeared...I guess. Don't worry.

Miki: Talk about school finishing, did you forget that your so-called roommate (or lover) will be back ?

Amu: ...oh...OH....I just remembered!

Ran: Ganbatte, Amu!

Suu: You should take a will more feel better~desu!

Amu: I wish it was as easy as it sound, because I can't keep calm! Its heart won't stop... -dokidoki- o///o

Ran: Just take a bath, it will do!

Miki: Love is such complicated thing... Everything is perfect, yet Amu, you seem to act like you are the one who confessed your love to him!

Amu: Arrgh...s-shut up Miki! I can't think straight! What is wrong with me!?

Ran: Ganbatte! Amu-chan , don't worry! He loves you back!

Suu: And you two are going to make such a cute couple!~desu

Amu: For last time, I don't l..l-love him...wait- why am I stuttering? Ahhhhh.....I CAN'T HANDLE THIS ANYMORE!

Amu went to wardrobe, picked her pajamas and went back in to the bathroom go to her wardrobe by closing the door loudly.

Suu: Amu...
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