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Posted 8/18/11 , edited 8/19/11
Then school ,finished ...The bell rings ... And then Ikuto return to his dorm ...

Amu: I...Ikuto ..0////0

Ikuto: did you miss me that much!(smirking)

Amu: Noo! you pervert !>///<
In her mind: Why is he always like this !

Ikuto: So what's your answer!

Amu: w...e.....l...l...I do kinda like you ! but not the kind of love, just like an admiration! U////U

Ikuto: Oh really! (smirking)

Amu: y....yean! >///<

Ikuto: Well,too bad ( sad smile)

Then he goes kissing her forehead then whispering to her ear saying...

Ikuto : I will make you fall for me day! (whisper)

amu: Huh!0/////0 (she was putting her hand in his arm )
But I Am in Love with you (she was whispering while she was looking down )

Ikuto: Smirk ...I'm glad !

Amu:>////< mmmm....
In her mind: OMG ,i just said it!!!!!

Ikuto: Okey then .... I will go take a shower !

Amu: 0////0 Okey go ahead ....
In her mind: Why do I fell so nervous .... Propally becauze i with a guys who's likes me in the same rooms.... Gosh why did I have to be in the same rooms as him ...That so embarrassing !

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Posted 9/2/11 , edited 9/3/11
While with ikuto ... is in the shower ...Putting shampoo in his hair while scratching...

Ikuto thought: She really do love me ... But she was such a denier at the beginning .. Well , I guess that make her more cuter and a part of her charm !

With Amu

Amu: God , calm down , amu , calm down , he woudn't do anything right ... ❤Heartbeat ❤

Then Ikuto finish his shower , put on his cloths : Blue dark pyjama

Ikuto: Then go aread you turn ! ( smirking)

Amu thought : This guys will never stop smirking ! Probally his own ways...U_U'
Amu: Yean ....

Then amu goes to her wardrobe takes a sleep-dress black were they were a V down from the chest ... with a pinks ribbon ....and her underwear ..

Ikuto : (Fixing her with a smirk ) Pink bra... Huh !

Amu: 0////0 mind you own business ... You pervert old man !

Then amu goes to the shower ...

Amu thought : Will it be okey if I wear a sleep-dress it's show pretty much my body ... But I can help it it's hot outside ... sense his summer ... Hope he don't anything ...crossing fingers ! >_<
( Well it's obvious he will do something , you are like seduction him , right , dumb girl U_U')

Then Amu finish her shower ... and put on her cloths that she brought ! That sleep-wear did show a bit of her chest ...and it's was short until her knee

Amu: Ahhhh... U///U( Atfer a person goes finishing his shower ,there's like a refresh air , that you get sometimes)

Ikuto: Wide eye .... 0^0

Amu thought : Oh no , don't tell me he will do what I think .... better go at the bathroom again ...

But before she went close the bathroom , ikuto came behind her putting a hand at the door , she was like in front of the door ...Then he cames so close to her neck , saying to her ear ...

Ikuto : Are you trying to seduction me ... ( while his hair hides his eye and whisper to her ear )

Amu: NO!!!!!!!!!>////////< ❤ Heartbeat ❤

Ikuto: Amu ... I ...

But before he continues his sentence ... amu push him ... and jump to her bedroom cover herself with the blanket ... and pretend to sleep so well ( Woow ,amu 0_0")

Ikuto : =_=" ( so agree with this face , I did the same )
Thoughs : woow, I should have a bit of a control self , or else I may rape her ...

Then Amu and Ikuto sleep ,each have his own bed ... Then ikuto get in amu bed's ( That so funny , that why I like Ikuto , you are such a perv.)

The next morning , amu wakes up ...She was in a cute position with ikuto ... She was like close
to ikuto chest ..and ikuto was like higher then her at bed ..

Amu: 0/////0.......Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Lol)
In her mind : Don't tell me we did it .... //0^0//

Then she got a reflexion , atfer she left up her blanket ... she saw like Ikuto without sweater.. was like half -nacked ....


Then ikuto wakes up ... yawn a bit ...

The scene : Amu was in her knee and ikuto sits longer with his body( like in episode 74)

Amu: Answer me ... ( crossing her finger both hands with a mad face )

Ikuto : I was hot there , so I take off my sweater ... Got a problem ! and I'm wearing my pant , i'm just a half -naked ! (smiking to her )

Amu: Not that ..0///0 , I mean why are you in my bed ?

Ikuto wasn't lisening to her fixing to her chest ...

Amu : Stop starring!!!!!!!!!!!!!>///////< ( covering with her arm )

Ikuto : You better look , yourself what you got today in your body ... T^T

Amu: What?

Then she look down ... and saw a kiss mark down to her neck

Amu: Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!( again screaming)
And now , how should I go to the school ! it's all your fault !

Ikuto : To tell you are the one who was calling while sleeping ... and hugs me from beying too...
( To give you the point , he means , that she the one who begin , means olso invite him~lol)

Amu: What !

Ikuto: So you wanna know what happen ... that night ...

Amu: //T^T//

Then ikuto tells her ....

Flash-black (A bit warning)

Amu: Ikuto don't leave me ... ( sleeping , and hugging for behind )

Ikuto : Amu ... do you really wanna do it .... ( he wasn't wearing his sweater ~like a half -naked )

Then Ikuto started to touch her breast form behind and kissing her neck ..... he was beyond amu ...

Amu: ahhh... ( soft voice)

And then amu was already tired ...sleeps again ...

End of flash-black

Return to amu and ikuto at morning


Ikuto: (Laugh about amu expressing ... )
Well the touching breast is a lie ... I add it to see you more embarrassed ... Or else you did be wakes up so well , If I really did it ...

Amu: why you pervert!!!!!!!!!!!!And How should I go at school now ...

Then Ikuto re-put his sweater ...

Amu: Finally !

Ikuto : what you wanted to see me more half-naked ...That much ...

Amu: 0////0 Idiot !!!!!!!!

Posted 9/6/11 , edited 6/24/15

Ikuto: -smirks- I love you too, honey!

Amu: Arghh!

She went for the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Amu: What a real jerk! Why did l have to fall in love with this big pervert! =_=

Miki: 'Cause fate decided so~

Ran: To be together with Ikuto~!

Suu: I'm so happy for you, Amu-chan~ !

Amu: ...

Suu: Take a bath~ desu!

Amu stripped naked and went the bath tub. When she noticed the hickey on her neck, she went red as she recalled the moment that she had with Ikuto earlier. Amu was flustered and all as she almost felt that she was about to melt in the warm, hot water-

Amu: 0/////0

The pink head quickly finished her bath and she wore her school's uniform. Abruptly, Amu opened the door to see Ikuto laying in her bed again but this time sound asleep. Amu was having a hard time denying that Ikuto looked very attractive whilst asleep.

Ikuto: Zzz...


Ikuto: -smirks- Amu-koi, you have finally finished! You are so slow, honey.

Amu: Huh, -koi? Whatever ...JUST GET OUT OF MY BED
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Posted 10/1/11 , edited 10/5/11
Then , they go to the class , then the students was whispering somethings !

Students: Utau hoshina , she back , i missed that cute idol , but she always glare at people , wondering what will she do if she find out about ikuto relationship with amu ... >_<(whisper)

Utau: I said move it !

Then Utau enter in ikuto and amu class!

Utau: ohhhhhh...Ikuto !!!!!!!*_* hugging parttern~mood

Ikuto :T_T ~dodge twice

Utau : Why are yo so mean ?

Fangirls: Look at Amu , how cool she is !

Utau turn her head to see a beautiful girl with long pink hair with golden yellow eye ...

Utau: //T_T//

Amu: what , why are you fixing me , little girl ! T_T'

Utau:I'm 14years old you know ...U_U*

Amu: But then i'm still your senpai ... (smirk )

Ikuto : Woow, amu-koi sense when you smirk !huh ...

Amu stand up from her chair , then she was saying :STOP CALLING LIKE THAT !

Utau:T_T( glares at amu more ....)You two look like you know each other well...

Amu: What ?! 0///0

Ikuto: Well of cause ,sense i'm her man !

Then he takes her hand , then was unbuttons her uniform a bit ,from the front , so that he kiss her neck again !

Amu : 0///0 (melting a bit)

Then utau cross her fingers ,with a bad mood!

Utau: I will never loose to you ... BUT for a second amu and ikuto looked so hot together ...that she started blushing yourself!

Ikuto : Utau you should go to your class , or else you will be late ...

Then he licked amu's neck

Amu: U//////U(moaned a bit)

Utau: Okey !0////0 , I will be back soon !

Then she went outside from the class !

Amu: Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>/////<

Then ikuto received a a little slap from amu ... while he was siting in his chair , he put his hand on his cheek ,where amu slapped him ...

Posted 10/4/11 , edited 6/24/15

Fanboys: Did you see that? Oh my god, they are making out! Oh, oh!! Don't you see that hickey on her neck...which means they already probably did it!

Fangirls: If I were Hinamori-san, I wouldn't have push Ikuto-sama away!

Amu: CAN YOU SHUT UP!? ! Don't you see that this is sexual harassment! No one would want to have make-out session in front of a public! Not only a public, but A VERY RETARDED ONE. Arghh, that perverted, stupid, old man of a bastard!

Fangirls :What did you say?!

Ikuto : -smirks- Ahh, Amu-koi, you could have said that you wanted our make-out session to be private earlier!

Amu: YOU...!!!

Amu: ( Must. Not. Kill. That. Idiotic. Pervert. )
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Posted 10/10/11 , edited 10/10/11
WOW I love this, you guys write really well together, hope you don't mind if I join in
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Posted 10/11/11 , edited 10/11/11
Amu:UGH, at the one time I need to talk to him most, he's late
Ikuto: Amu, you in there? Can you open the door please...
Amu: humph... Fine, but we have to talk. *Amu unlocks the door*
Ikuto, So... what do we have to talk about?
Amu: You're gonna get me killed out there, your fangirls are making me uncomfortable
Ikuto: so, you're jealous... *smirk*
Amu: NO!!! ever wonder who dumped all that water on me before?
Ikuto: ah, I see, *Thinks, so you don't want me to see you with a see through shirt*
Amu: so, glad we had a little chat, just remember not to embarrass me infront of everyone next time
Ikuto: can I embarrass you in here?
Amu: you're not getting the poin- EEK!!!
*Ikuto pushed her onto her bed and pined her down*
Ikuto: Why can't you understand?...
Amu: understand what?


hehe, anyone can take it which ever way they want hope you liked it
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Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/13/12
Started to lick her neck ...

Amu: Ikuto I understand ... but i'm just so shy! Can't you wait a bit !

Ikuto : But the ways, your reaction is just so cute , that I can control myself anymore ! (hide his eye and blushing)

Amu in her mind: (he he just call me cute !!!) Thanks .... (blushing in putting her hand into her mouth)

Hinamori Amu and Tsukiyomi Ikuto is expected in the principal officer

Ikuto in his mind:Darn them ,we were in the middle of something .. (furious)

Amu :(suspected eye)What did you do again ?

Ikuto : i should ask you the same thing ,sense you are the one who's always getting to trouble !

Amu: Ah yean , unless I'm not a playgirl like you ! :P

Ikuto : Said it a playboy ,sense i'm a man !

Amu: Whatever , we should get ahead to the principal office.

They walk until they went to the principal officer door's!

Ikuto:What do you want old man , you were interrupt us for something ...

Principal officer : Can you explain me what's this picture ?
(It's the picture the been taking by this starker ...remember when ikuto was in top of amu half-nalked kissing each other )

Amu: Principal , let me explain .... It's a misunderstand ...0///0

Ikuto: Can you mind you own business... Mainly my own life!

Amu: How can you be so calm , with it ... And you are being rude to the director ...

Ikuto : (started to laugh ) That old man is my dad :Aruto Tsukiyomi !

Amu: What!!!!!?????? In his mind: That why the director looked so much as Ikuto)

Aruto : I can believe my own son becoming a real man ... (cry of joy and patting his head )

Ikuto : Oh stop it , I'm already old ! (blushing a bit )

Amu in her mind : Somehow Ikuto look like a kid!

Then Aruto put his hand in amu shoulder saying :
So what's you secret weapon to attract Ikuto that much ! But the ways , you are so cute ,as my favorite type !

Ikuto : You dummy old man , stop it already !!!Take back amu in his arm ...

Aruto in his mind: That so manly my son *_* .... Hinamori-san look that picture isn't cute baby Ikuto with his diaper ...

Amu : Kawaiii*-*Kyaaaa!

Ikuto : Why did you still put this picture in your desk ...(all embarrassed)

Aruto : Whatever you grown so fast , you are still my little boy I always knew in my heart!

Ikuto : Mmmmm....Blushing//T.T//

Then Ikuto hold Amu hand and went outside !

Amu: So you were cute when you were younger !

Then Ikuto push amu in the wall and kiss her in the lip !

Ikuto: If you ever says that I'm cute , I will punish you by kissing every ways ...(with desire in his eye ) 

Amu: I-I got it ... ///0^0/// You don't have to be that mad! In her mind: Why do he have to be so hot that I'm about to melt ..

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