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How to improve our Launch Calendar page?

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17 / M / Tokyo-3
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/22/11
Hey everyone, need your input. As some of you know, we have a Launch Calendar page. We created the page to help our users track when new episodes are available. Not sure if you find this page useful. So appreciate if you can share your thought with us - whether it is useful to you, if not, how we can improve it. Thanks in advance!

[Update on July 22] Thanks you all for taking the time to give us feedback. They are very useful as we make user experience improvement in the future.
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
I have no criticism. I find it to be useful, and will do so. Thanks
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
It's fine so far.
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
use pics be faster to scan what coming out
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28 / F
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/11/11
Nice, It's actually pretty useful
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19 / M / boys locker room
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/12/11
:3 I dunno
The Moderator
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32 / F / Space
Posted 7/11/11 , edited 7/12/11

Just a few ideas. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier to visualize though I'm not sure if it is possible to recreate this in its entirety.

1. Toggles - Toggling Anime Schedule | Drama Schedule. The star is divided into two, one side being for anime members one for drama members. Both on would combine together to show both schedules (hence All-Access Member) where as both off would only show the regular schedule for everyone.

2. Drop down menu for filtering by current simulcasts available - Perhaps when dramas become more prominent, the toggles would change the drop down menu to the appropriate selection of drop down i.e. Anime Simulcast Drop Down, Drama Drop Down.

3. Titles & Hover Images - On the schedule titles for Bleach and Naruto are bugged where actual anime titles are not shown (Episode 329 with no Title of "Bleach" next to it). Hover images such as the ones used for the main page when hovering over episodes.

That's all I can think of at the moment aside from the obvious visual changes.. Also, can promote certain animes on the calendar similiar to the main page and group pages for animes.

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M / Crapsack World
Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/12/11
It would be a great convenience to us all if we could go to that page with only a few click away.... Maybe a button that could direct us to that page.

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34 / F / Married
Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/14/11
looks fine so far thanks for the info
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M / in my heAD
Posted 7/14/11 , edited 7/14/11
Well since its so simple I won't say drop down menus or w/e but!
Honest Opinion of the calendar so far.. It isn't easy to digest so I steer clear off it and instead use the " all new anime " on the main site.

Premium Member Schtuff:
1. I don't care when everyone else will be able to see what I've already seen. Its cluttering up the stuff I'm actually looking for.

2. It would be awesome if I could highlight animes out of the month. ( Would be even better if highlighting them actually sent a reminder to you via phone app / email / pm / I don't care I just want to know)

3. Something visual to make it easier to digest like a anime emblem that lets you know what anime it is at a glance OR something that shows me its on my watch list.

4. A shade or something on the Cells of dates already passed. (IMPORTANT)

5. Be nice to have a comment area here just to talk about what your excited for.

6. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if I had the option to press "x" and delete all future references to certain shows. I know I'm definately not ever going to watch "Otalku". (One Can Dream)

7. Let your community know you listened to them since you asked and all.. I mean if the Calendar doesn't change I don't plan to use it. Honestly I forgot it was there.

(EDIT) Also I couldn't actually find the calendar. I had to use the link you provided lol. -Mockup ( I don't own photoshop so yes its paint XD)
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29 / M / Louisville, KY
Posted 7/17/11 , edited 7/18/11
1. Make custom images for all the buttons instead of:

< Prev Month
> Next Month

Or better yet, just take them out.

a. No one cares what happened a month ago.
b. No one cares what is happening in a month especially when next month's calendar is empty.

2. When viewing the calendar we premium members should not be forced to view when normal members get access to the said episode. Normal members should be the only ones who have to look at both.

3. Make it so we can remove shows we don't care about. (Have it remember the shows we don't care about.)

4. Make it so when we hover over the link we see a picture of the series with the title of it. Something like:

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 221 - Title Here

5. Have the calendar be easier to find. The text link that says "more" is very odd and hidden to many.

6. Suggestion for the whole site: Make more custom buttons, text for links are not as visually pleasing as a nice button. Also, let us remove certain features such as Top Stories, Daily Deals, etc. We all know those discounts are sometimes true but very exaggerated. $99.99 for a DVD series really? I could go to any retail store and find the same thing for like $19.99 so tell me how exactly is it "valued" as $99.99? You do that to look like you gave it a big discount when you simply took a few cents off and added it to the shipping.
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36 / M / Currently on Earth
Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11
Would be nice if the Calander actually reflected titles that is only available to that persons country.

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41 / M / near seattle
Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11
I suppose that calendar is nice. But I'm still going to stick with my napkin calendar - it's a single-week list of when the shows on my watchlist update. (well, the shows that are still updating) A calendar like that (built into the watchlist page?) would be the bees knees.

I'm not sure it would make it useful to me personally, but I agree the official calendar wouldbe greatly improved if it were aware of my membership status and only showed relevant info. (as a member. I understand the improved release date showing up for non-subscribers, though I'd argue for some kind of greyed/less obtrusive styling.)

And for a more off-the-wall thought on the full calendar - going almost like a tag cloud, but using icons: "popular" shows get large-ish icons, everything else more token-sized than useful, all with click popup info like is already there. Personally, I think something less wall of text would be more usable. Though with something iconized, I bet it would work better displying only a couple weeks at a time.
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51 / Beaverton, Oregon
Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/28/11
I just noticed that [email protected] is no longer on the launch schedule, is this a mistake or on purpose?
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/29/11
Sounds like a good idea, but it feels kinda cluttered...

I suggest:

1.) The legend bullet-ed (or more noticeable), because it took me awhile until I saw it (maybe put it in the top?)... Also to make it easier for the premium members and reg. user, you can have the legend linked to a calendar were it shows only premium members and the other calender for reg. users.. this will eliminate the weird color usage in the calender

2.) Have a parentheses (Final) to mark that the series has ended

3.) Instead of "Calendar may change without notice. Check back often for updates! ", a update log will be better... Such as if a Naruto Shippuden were to be cancelled or showed at a later time, the update log will notify the viewers with a red text saying that is cancelled/delayed due to *insert reason* for the following week.

4.) I am not sure how to make/improve the calendar to be less clutter-y but I think it has something to do with the anime show's time.... I understand that it helps ppl know the time it will start, but seeing the time over n over every week makes it harder to look... Such as Beelzebub will always have an ep. at Sat. 7 pm, so maybe show it only once in the calendar?

5.) When Users favorite their anime show or put it in their watchlist, the calendar will bold (or highlight) the anime

6.) Centered the number date in the calendar? (not sure if it will be better or worse)

7.) Only show the month dates for the month (no other month dates will cut into the month)

8.) Have a user anime skin calendar contest.. Where users create a skin for the month of the calendar, and the person who has the best skin will be put up in the month's calendar (such as if it's a cold month season, ppl can make a snowy anime skin or it could be a specific holiday in the month)....The one elected as the month's pick will be credited (thanked) at the bottom of the page and awarded with a month of free anime membership (activation will be good, or they can send it to a buddy in Cr)... User will have until 5 days before the month end to submit the skin, and ppl will rate which is the best.. If no skin is submitted, have a default Cr calendar skin
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