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How to improve our Launch Calendar page?
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24 / F / Canada, Mickey Mo...
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/5/12
I know a way to improve it stop tiny print and small block pics
Posted 1/23/12 , edited 1/23/12
The main thing I'd like is to be able to choose which series show up on the calendar and to be able to select the premium dates, the "everyone" dates or both. As of now, it takes a bit of searching to pick out exactly what I care about. Other than that, all good.
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Posted 2/2/12 , edited 2/2/12
Let us be able to sync with (online or software) calenders that support the iCal format (like, say, Google Calender).

This way we can keep with the launch calender even if we can't check the calender page or always remember the show title or time.

The anime convention I go to every year (yes, we have one. ), Tsubasacon, just started doing this last year and already it's become a popular feature as it means we don't have to print out the convention schedule every year.

And, we would be able to set reminder time for events, which we would then be emailed a reminder about, and it would make it easier to not miss the time of a simulcast.
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26 / M / US
Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/22/12
Wow I never knew about this, I do now thanks to this tread but never till now. I'd say just do with the others say and make it more noticeable for others and such by making a small thumbnail under it or changing it from coming soon to something people with know what it is. Once again, neat feature but I just never knew about it.
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31 / M / inside the madnes...
Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/9/12
also the ability to link to external calender viewers (like google calender or Mozilla sunbird)
the shows page could be linked using the attachment function of Mozilla sunbird and put in the notes for google calender users

heres a obselete entry in my calender

you can double-click the attachment to be taken to the shows page

oh and shinji if you want to see my calander with more details i can send you an iCal link
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M / United States
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12
Not sure how feasible this is but here's my suggestion:

Have a separate tab at the top of the CR page that says "Coming Soon" or something to that effect. When users click on the link they get a page similar to the "Shows" link you have now that have the icons for all the shows. Then below the icons maybe put the date when they are available. Clicking on the show icon will then give you the option to add it to your calendar and/or your queue. By doing this you can constantly update it and remove shows as they become regulars.
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