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Posted 7/11/11 , edited 8/6/11
Ninja Way Laws:

Note: You must follow this or you will get a warning. Once you get 3 warnings, your out of the group.

1. You must be ACTIVE or your going to lose your character.
2. Please show respect to others and others ranked above.
3. No God-Modding or Power-Modding! Make the rp fair and don't control other characters you don't own.

How to join the roleplay:

Step 1: You gotta go to the Become a Shinobi and you have to read the 1st post,fill out either Existing Character Form or Create a Character Form then wait for Approval from the mods.

Step 2: Once you get your approval from mods,you go to Bingo Book and Fill in the Form thats on the 1st post. This is the place where we record your process.

Step 3: It's time to go to the Ninja Academy ! Here you gotta do your test before you roleplay ~ It will be a easy test in the starting but will get harder. Good Luck !

How to do missions:

Step 1: Once your done creating your character, go to Shinobi Missions and pick the mission your ranked in. State in the form what mission like ;

I'm going to do mission #1:Sasuke's Quest for Power!
. You then go to the location of the mission.

Step 2: Once your done your mission, go to Ichiraku Ramen Bar. Complete the form and you will be reward with Euros or other cool stuff. Also your Bingo Book would be updated.

Step 3: Also if you are done all the missions in your rank, go to the Ninja Academy and do the test to rank up !

Places you can roleplay at:

-Jōmae Village
-Akatsuki Base
-Land of Waves
-Mount Myōboku
-Kagerō Village
-44th Training Ground
-Konoha Hot Springs
-Valley of the End
-Land of Water
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