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What Are Angels?
Most of the other creatures in The City consider Angels to almost be some kind of cult. They consider what they do 'rescuing people' aside from victimizing them. No one really seems to know how they change normal humans into Angels, but it has been suggested that some kind of spiritual trial has to be passed first. They take up residency in the run down churches and high sweeping arches of old buildings, watching the going-on's below. Despite being something like an organized religion, there are angels that have been known to go AWOL and disobey their brothers. These are known as the FALLEN.

What Can Angels Do?
Angels' most distinctive trait are their large wings that allow them to fly. The most coveted color is white, although they are known to fly other colors. Many of them have psychic abilities and profess to be able to see into the hearts of others, via the power of their Lord. Whether this is a bluff or for true, has yet to be seen.

Who Are Angels?
Nobody is, so far.

How Do I Become An Angel?
By filling out this skeleton and posting it in this thread:

Username: [your cr name goes here]
Character's Name: [your character's first and last name should go here]
Age: [your character's age when they were changed]
Gender: [male, female, et cetra]
Appearance: [a direct link to a pic of your character. or, a detailed description]
Biography: [a short description of their life]
Personality: [a short description of their personality]
Why Are Your Powers? [besides flying, you may have one other ability]

Be aware that if you are inactive for an inordinate amount of time, I will send you a message. If you don't respond, your character will be put on the hitlist to die.

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