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What Are Demons?
Demons come in many shapes and sizes and are considered the arch nemesis' of the Angels. Some have wings, some do not. Some appear human, some do not. Some have magic, some are physically strong, and still more are psychic. Usually, if a creature does not fit into any known definition of other creatures, they are a demon. It is said that, a human that remains long enough will eventually degrade into a demon. You would be hard pressed to get any demon to admit they were ever human, but this does seem to be the case.

What Can Demons Do?
Demons can do most anything. While no demon seems to be any more powerful than most of the creatures occupying The City, they are most definitely the most varied. They can come in any shape, with any power, and any marking. They don't seem to be organized in any way or have any specific calling to bring them together.

Who Are Demons?
Nobody is, so far.

How Do I Become An Demon?
By filling out this skeleton and posting it in this thread:

Username: [your cr name goes here]
Character's Name: [your character's first and last name should go here]
Age: [your character's age when they changed]
Gender: [male, female, et cetra]
Appearance: [a direct link to a pic of your character. or, a detailed description]
Biography: [a short description of their life]
Personality: [a short description of their personality]
Why Are Your Powers? [you may choose two abilities]

Be aware that if you are inactive for an inordinate amount of time, I will send you a message. If you don't respond, your character will be put on the hitlist to die.

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Username: Blackberrydeath
Character's Name: Aeon or Rei wokuo
Age: 16

Biography: She doesnt have any memories of her past and she wonders wat she still alive for
Personality: Her personality changes sometimes
Why Are Your Powers? can summon monsters or make her drawings/crafts come to life when she wants to
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Posted 7/21/11 , edited 7/21/11
Username : 2magicgirl
Character's Name : Kasumi Kokao
Age : 13
Gender : Female
Appearance :

Biography : Kasumi was never a normal human girl . She was born with demonic powers . After the village finding out they wanted to sacifice her so no more innocent people will die . She ran away finding herself here at the City . She normanly fights monsters . She lives with Izumi Ichimoku and Yozuki Shibata

Personality : Mysterious , Two faced , Stubborn , Friendly , silent and serious

Why Are Your Powers? : Summon a scythe and Death Rose - hurl large, deadly blasts of black coloured energy

Name : Izumi Ichimoku
Age : 13
Gender : Male
Apparence :

Bio : Izumi lives with a lady called Yozuki Shibata one day he ran into Kasumi who was still running away . Izumi decides that he can help Kasumi and be-friends her .

Personalitly : Ren is rather laid back and is seen joking around occasionally normanly teases Kasumi.

Abilitlys : Sash: he is seen using a sash which acts like an appendage and can be used to bind someone. Fire Generation: capable of hurling fireballs and producing flames around himself

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