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What Are Vampires?
Vampires are creatures that subsist by hunting and feeding off of humans and, occasionally, other creatures of The City. While being human in appearance, they have supernatural speed, strength, and senses. They are varying in the way that they feed off of humans. Some consume the blood, others the flesh, still more the soul or spiritual energy. They propagate their species by changing humans that strike their fancy into vampires like themselves, usually via the exchange of blood or spirit. It is because of this exchange that elder vampires sometimes build clans or covens out of their children.

What Can Vampires Do?
Their supernatural strength and senses set them apart from other creatures of the night. They are quiet solitary hunters and their superb night vision allows them to some of their best hunting at night. For most of them, their super-human status makes them more than enough to take down any human in the city. But, competing with the other creatures in The City pushed them to cultivate greater physical and psychic powers.

Who Are Vampires?
Nobody is, so far.

How Do I Become An Vampire?
By filling out this skeleton and posting it in this thread:

Username: [your cr name goes here]
Character's Name: [your character's first and last name should go here]
Age: [your character's age when they changed]
Vampiric Age: [your character's real age]
Gender: [male, female, et cetra]
Appearance: [a direct link to a pic of your character. or, a detailed description]
Biography: [a short description of their life]
Personality: [a short description of their personality]
Why Are Your Powers? [you may choose one ability, besides your super-human strength and senses]

Be aware that if you are inactive for an inordinate amount of time, I will send you a message. If you don't respond, your character will be put on the hitlist to die.

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