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What Are Werewolves?
Werewolves are animal like creatures that can walk as humans amongst humans while disguising their true forms. They are usually wolves, but they can sometimes be other predators, such as panthers and bears. They use a spell passed down to them from the Goddess of the Moon to trick others into thinking they are human with their appearance. Only during the full moon do they keep their true form.
They spread their race much like the vampire, with an infectious bite, or through the bearing of offspring. Though they do not feed off of humans exclusively, their flesh is considered a delicacy in the metropolitan area where true game is so scarce.

What Can Werewolves Do?
They most often inherit the strengths of their animal side. Long strong teeth, sharp claws, great strength and endurance. As well as being able to morph into their animal shape, these strengths stay with them at all times.

Who Are Werewolves?
Nobody is, so far.

How Do I Become An Werewolf?
By filling out this skeleton and posting it in this thread:

Username: [your cr name goes here]
Character's Name: [your character's first and last name should go here]
Age: [your character's age when they changed]
Gender: [male, female, et cetra]
Appearance: [a direct link to a pic of your character. or, a detailed description]
Biography: [a short description of their life]
Personality: [a short description of their personality]
Why Are Your Powers? [besides the ability to change, you may choose one ability]

Be aware that if you are inactive for an inordinate amount of time, I will send you a message. If you don't respond, your character will be put on the hitlist to die.

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