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"Hellloooo! Welcom to the Ninja Academy ! This is the place to learn how to rank up! First, you have to do the exam then you have to fight a ninja thats the same rank as you ! If you win, you get to move a rank up. Or if your opponent wins, he/she gets to rank up and you would have to stay the same rank but since your only a student, you would only have to do the exam and rank up to a Genin! Once you rank up to a genin, go to the Jutsu Form and learn 5 new Jutsus and do missions! Once you rank up and do all the missions you have to do for your rank, do another exam and see if you rank up!"

Academy Exam:

All right this is the place where you will be taking your graduation exam for the ninja academy. You will only be allowed to take this exam once your Special Jounin teacher recommends you to me to take it. What does this mean? This means that the only way you can take the exam is if your teacher deems you ready to. So work hard and do what your teacher says so you can get to this point quickly.

The exam itself will be composed of two sections. A written section and a practical skills test. You must earn a passing score on each test in order to graduate and become a Genin.

Written Test:

The written test will be composed of a mix of different types of questions designed to test your knowledge of RP and to assess your readiness to be assigned to a Jounin teacher to continue your training.

5 Multiple Choice questions
5 True / False Questions
2 Identify the God Mod

Practical Skills Test:

The practical skills test will test your ability to use what you have learned about RP in an RP setting. You will spar against the person who is giving you the exam and will have to successfully meet the objectives that are set forth at the beginning of the spar. You will be given only one get out of jail free cards so to speak on God Modding. What this means is that one instance of God Modding will be forgiven on the exam. Should you do it again then you automatically fail the second exam portion.

Exam objectives will always include:

The successful use of at least two Jutsu.

Other objectives may or may not be set for extra credit if you are in need of it. Extra credit objectives will only be given on a case by case basis.

1.No cheating
2. do your best.

Good Luck!

PM azngirl2080 or XIIIDARKNESS your results and also show Him or Her how to do 2 jutsus in the PM too!
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