[C-Drama] Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

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Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/13/11

Drama Title: Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei (or "Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei")
Here's a link to a page dedicated to this drama (synopsis included): http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Guai_Xia_Yi_Zhi_Mei

I think there's not enough Chinese drama love going around CR~ so I decided to share this awesome drama I watched recently =)

The story takes place in ancient China where famine and corruption is on the rise.
This team of four unlikely heroes decide to come together to help the poor and steal from the rich.
it's kind of like a Chinese robin hood story.
There's romance, action, adventure, gender bender, friendship,... the list goes on.
It's a very nice drama in my opinion =) I just love all the characters ^.^
If you like the One Piece anime... I think you will definitely like this too =P
The bonds they share are similar ^_^

Link to watch drama (Subbed in English): http://www.viki.com/channels/1481-iljimae-china/videos

Here's a list of the main cast:

Wallace Huo as Li Ge Xiao: The Leader

Liu Shi Shi as Yan San Niang: The thief

Ma Tian Yu as He Xiao Mei: The grafter

Shi Yan Neng as Cai Hu: The muscle man

Edwin Siu as Ying Wu Qiu: The antagonist
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Posted 7/12/11 , edited 7/13/11
Just started this series 30 minutes ago.
I liked the Korean dramas for Iljimae so I decided to try the Chinese one ^^;;
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I like this movie ^^
Posted 7/31/11 , edited 8/1/11

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