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Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/14/11
Rules For Applying To Be A Mod ;
:: You Must Be Active
:: You Must Support The Group
:: Be Loyal To Other Group Mods && Creator
:: If Given A Task & You Can't Complete It , Give A Notice Before-Hand .
:: Follow Groups Rules
:: Try To Help Group Achieve Their Goals
:: Invite All Buddies

:: You will Be Notified If you Are Accepted !! ::

{ if you Have An Questions Or Concerns About These Set Of Rules ; Contact the Creator }

Username / Name :
Did You Invite All Your Buddies :
What Kind Of Graphics Do you Make (Avatars , Banners , etc ) :
What Do you use To Make Your Graphics ( Photoshop , Gimp , etc . ) :
Are you A Beginner , Intermediate , or Pro Graphics Level :
Will you Be Active :
If Not , Can You Do Requests From Time to time :
Will You Put a Support Banner of Our Group On Your Profile :
Submit Your Work Below ( Both anime & Non-anime ) :

Username / Name :
Did you Invite All your Buddies :
You Do Know this Position Requires Intensive Activeness :
If So, How Active Are You On CR ( Daily , Weekly , Monthly ) :
How Active Will You Be In this Group :
Can you Post Atleast 2 - 5 Times On Our Wall Daily :
Will You Flood All Our forums :
Are You Eligible To Create Games :
Will You Put a Support Banner of Our Group on your Profile :

Username / Name :
Did You Invite All your Buddies :
How active Can You Be In This Group :
Can you Upload 3 Photos A Day Into Our album :
You Have To Upload All the done Requests Avatars Into Our 'Request' Album, Ok :
Can You Get People To Join This Group Weekly :
Can You Post 2-5 Times On Our Wall Daily :
Will You Take All Tasks Given To You :
Will You Put Our Support Banner On Your Profile :

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