Otalku Episode 10
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Posted 7/13/11 , edited 7/14/11
Just a few things that interested me during the discussion:

Subtitles on Japanese DVD and BluRay releases would be great. The problem that would come up and was discussed in the video, and I would agree, is the price. Different economies for countries makes this very difficult for consumers; different wages and availability. I have never liked the region lock, but it is not an issue for Blu Ray as much as it was for DVD.

I also liked the discussion that came out about anime having Western tones. I've seen a big trend in Western culture in the media with product placement. I'm fine with anime taking on more of a Western tone in series, as long as it doesn't become so commercialized that I am distracted with advertising. I like the stories that come out.

Digital downloads were discussed. They talked about iTunes. I think that system is great, but it is so propietary, one can only watch it with that program. I would also like to see more than just dubs. I think they have occasional subs, but both being available would be great.

Other language subs would be good. I don't think it's come up too much, but everyone should get a chance to watch anime in their own language. I think the problem with this issue is the lack of exposure to other countries.
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