Team Think Quick Starcraft 2 Streams !
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Posted 7/15/11 , edited 8/11/11
Status: Streams will be on and off to avoid constant bumping to the top !

gosucrew/zanders, sungpas, mine, and mewtwo's stream are the most commonly live so check back often if you'd like to watch!

Hello Crunchyroll members!

I am tQKyo from the professional Starcraft 2 team Think Quick. Think Quick is a team that strives to demonstrate that foreign players can compete at international levels, whether it be through online tournaments or at LANs, against well known Korean players, or against other known foreigner players. Our team consists of many top 100 Grand Master players, and myself.

Because of the moderator, and general interest around Stacraft here at Crunchyroll I figure I'd go ahead and post our team's streams for people who are interested in the game to watch!

We all stream quite often, some a lot more than others, so if you have any interest in Starcraft at a high level feel free to drop by! If you're really interested you can follow our accounts and get email notification when we go live as well. <-- Protoss Grand Master level HQ <-- Protoss Grand Master Level 1080p <-- Top 20 Grand Master NA Terran HQ <-- Top 80 Grand Master NA Terran 360p <-- top 70 Grand Master NA Random player! This is also our community stream so
other's may stream on it, for example tQWinter the Team leader. HQ <-- Team Caster HQ <-- Zander's other stream HQ <-- Manager HQ

Our A team by races currently consists of:





Some small updates: We had a large attendance at MLG Anaheim and had some amazing placements. Two players placing top 24, and a few days later I attended Million Man X LAN in Louisville Kentucky and won $200 in prizes in first places :)!

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Posted 8/11/11 , edited 8/11/11
Awesome stuff, bro. My Leagues range from Gold to diamond, but then again I haven't been playing that long. The diamond part is 1v1, so I want to hopefully move to up masters. I don't think I'll ever be placed in GM or MLG though xD
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Posted 11/24/11 , edited 11/24/11
Hey I currently run a professional E-sports organization and we are looking to expand our sc2 I added you on skype and MSN.
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