having a hard time signing on to my premium app
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Posted 7/16/11 , edited 7/16/11
hello crunchyroll land!

I am having problems logging in to my app on my android. getting on the web site and my Ipod app are fine. it is just the android. I was able to get on and it worked just great, but I updated my phone and now I cant sign in. I go to my "Devices" page and only my Ipod shows up. I uninstalled and re-installed the app. It didn't help.
anyone out there run in to this and know what I can do to fix it? its the same on wifi and it is on 3g. by way of further possibly helpful info it is a samsung fascinate. sch-1500.ed04 firmware version 2.2.1. Its a Verizon phone. I wrote the tech. line but I haven't heard from then in a week so I am trying here!
thanks for any help anyone can give me!!!
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