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I've always found shows like The Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond interesting because the content of the episodes was often considered obscene and abstract, yet were placed in a particularly "modest" time. I feel the absence of color did something to affect the emotion in these episodes, rather than if they had been in color..the atmosphere was often gloomy as a result which made sense. I don't think the creators were trying to say, "This is not a show that will showcase the beautiful aspect of life. It's strange, weird, and supposed to frighten you." That's not to say that you can't just use darker colors to create the same affect but that's a debate for another day. Think back to the Wizard of Oz in which the change from a black and white setting to a colored one is sharply defined. How did Dorothy feel before she "crossed over?" How did she feel after?

Now..actually, I don't know if later episodes of the Twilight Zone (or One Step Beyond) were in color >_< I hope not, or else I look kinda stupid. All the episodes I've seen weren't.

Check it out if you haven't already My fav episode of the Twilight Zone is "Jess-Belle," which you can watch on Youtube if you ever get the urge!

ALSO.. Rod Serling (Twilight Zone narrator) was gorgeous. <3
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oooo i used to watch twilight zone, i forget most of them i watched but they were usually the only things it had on that night or something lol but very interesting.
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