Any questions people want answered at the Jmanga focus group?
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Posted 7/16/11 , edited 7/17/11
So I'm going to be at Comic Con down in San Diego this next weekend. I was also lucky enough to get a spot in the Jmanga focus group they'll be holding.

Before I head down there though, I'd like to know what kind of questions people in the community would like to ask the publishers who will be present.

I've got a number of questions I know I'd like to ask, but I'm sure people here will be able to come up with some much better ones, owing to the fact that my brain rotted out of my skull years ago from having read one to many harem mangas. Basically, I'm fishing for ideas that will help me do something other then smile, nod, and drool on myself.

I'm not sure how the focus group is going to be structured but if you guys post your questions, concerns, or points of interests here, I'll try and find out what I can when the time comes =).

Also, anyone whose actually been to the Jmanga site, I'd like to know your opinions on the site's layout, what you think of he features, and what your first impressions have been like.
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Posted 7/17/11 , edited 7/17/11
Is it possible to ask about manga serialised in Cookie published by Shueisha ? Well, if it is, I would like to know when does the manga Nana come out? It's been a really long time since the last chapter (ch.84) came out because of mangaka's (Ai Yazawa) illness.

Thank you very much!
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