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Posted 7/17/11 , edited 7/28/11

How the ranking works

Each student is given a pin that says it's rank on it. The rank that is on the pin is based on your average from your past grade. As the school year goes on you must work your way to get your rank up. The higher your rank is the more care and respect you get. All mods/creator are automatically ranked White Gold or Gold. The highest rank a member can get is Silver.

How to get your rank higher

To get your rank higher you must be more active, if you can't do that, you can go to the forum that says 'RANKING'. Once you're on that forum you must do the requirements to be able to get your rank higher. If you don't want to do any of that you can just apply as a mod and your rank automatically goes up to 'White Gold or Gold'.


To be a Bronze -
....Upload 4 pics in the group's album
....Be active
....Roleplay on 2 forums

To be a Silver -
....Put the group's link somewhere in your profile
....Be active
....Suggest 4 things that can help improve the group

To be a White Gold -
....Apply as a mod
....Upload 8 pics in the group's album
....Suggest 6 things that can help improve the group
....Roleplay on 6 of the forums
....Spam 25 times on the SPAM forum

To be a Gold -
....Apply as a mod
That's all....


If you have done any of the requirements please let us know here. Post it and please quote this post. Thank you.

Rankings List

- Makie Sasaki / PockiiLuv
- Jake Nataro / Lord_Falcon
- Higa / -Aozora

- Kat Izumi / InvaderNinjaKitty
- Opal Phelps / RKGarl
- Terra / TadaseISMINE
- San / NekoSabby
- Tamiko Nekosa / SakuraAmu2
- Sapphire Yukki / Phoenixeyes_23
- Yuri Kagamine / bibite


White Gold
- Eun Mi Go / Aubreyy

- iHEARTchu-

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