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Accepted Enrollments Apps
Posted 7/17/11 , edited 7/30/11
This is only for non-register student who already sign up so yeah nothing special.
If i post everything on the approved enrollments some of your posts on the Enrollment will be deleted soon.

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2magicgirl's Enrollment Apps

Name : Kasumi Kokao
Age : 13
Alias : Girls dead monsters ?
Nationality : English
Hair Color : Gold
Eye Color : Dark pink
Height : 5foot 6
Weight : 8 stone
Appearance :

Race : Demons
Personality : friendly , Kind , mysterious , enegetic , Stubborn { at times } , Dont trust people
Background : Kasumi grew up with her parents . At the age of 6 they died .
Family History : Unkown
Extras : she works at a caf'e as a waitress . She has brought out three cds { albums }

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xxxxMissRenxxxx's Enrollment Apps

Name: Miyuki Kwon

Age: 15

Alias: Celestial Maiden

Nationality: Half Korean, Half Japanese

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'5

Weight: 8 stone


Races: Half Vampire, Half Witch

Personality: To most people, she is considered a proper lady but in reality, she's short-tempered, prideful. She is very mature for her age but is usually friendly and easygoing. She always likes to speak her mind but she knows when she needs to shut up. Her weakness is that she loves cute things especially cute clothes and jewellery. She is a big fan of hello kitty but apart from that she has a boyish side where she likes sports and Kendo. She's also good at playing the violin and Piano but she doesn’t play them often. She has been depicted as been quite smart.

Background: Miyuki comes from a high class family but tends to hide it from people; so she can make real friends. When she was 10 her older brother died in a car crash. Miyuki just transferred from a High school in Korea and decided on Sakura Education High because it seemed interesting.

Family History:
Minako Kwon (Mother)
Ji-Young Kwon (Father)
Akira Kwon (Brother) Deceased

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iRawh's Enrollment Apps

Name: Yuuki Ai

Age: 12

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Shadow Princess ?

Nationality: English

Hair Color: Dark Red :3

Eye Color: Blue-Greenish

Height: Average

Weight: Average


Races: ( if you dont know what's your races go on the pages to look at it ) Human But Half Neko . x33

Personality: Shy , Scared Easily , Kind , Emotional & Very Kawaii Desu . ^-^

Background: Yuuki Ai Cant Really Remember Her Past . She Was Abandoned When She Was 5 Years Old By Her Family .

Family History: Has A Elder Brother But She Doesn't Know Him Yet .

Extras: She Has A Special Power . :3

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11-11am's Enrollment Apps

Name: Ren Lee

Age: 14

Alias: Renegade
(pronounced as REH-NEH-GADE ;;
Gade has same sounding as aid but dont forget the G)

Nationality: Korean-American

Hair Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102 lbs


Races: Half Demon, Half Human

Michelle Lee, who then changes her name to Ren, tends to not talk much but that's only because she talks when she feels like it. She may be seemingly cold-hearted and scary but once you get to know her, she's really just a weird, random, girl. Not only that, she is actually very smart and clever as she likes to think up plans for whatever she's planning to do, and it's always something that no one else would ever think of. She's also a good actor as well as she can convince everyone with her acting and no one would suspect a thing. She doesn't really like to bring up her childhood because it'll just give her nightmares again at night. Also, she HATES to lost so she's very competitive. Whenever she meets someone new, she first observes them and their character very carefully. It would sometimes surprise them how she knows their fears and etc. She doesn't really open up to people that much but if you get very close to her, she'll slowly open up to you. Whenever she goes out to take pictures of whatever captures her eyes, she calls it "capturing the memories". She's also a bit of a romantic person. She'll also surprise you with her romantic tactics at times where she FEELS like being it. o_o Not only that, her neckline and his eyes have became something that people can't resist.

She grew up to be the heiress of one of the largest companies of the world, Eclipseque, a international jewel company which was a mere disguise for its true idenity, a very-top secret organization called Azure Revolution. A organization that specializes in weapons, technology, combat, and everything else there is to know in order to become one of the most lethal assassins ever known. During her life, it almost became suffocating throughout the years. Ever since she was 12, there were quite a lot of times, she was confined to her home, not allowed to get out and see the world beyond the walls without ‘proper’ accompaniment. The very few times she would be out of her home would be when she was still on their land or attending balls or important meetings with her mother and father. Business meetings and parties made her uncomfortable. There were always so many people, and while there would be those he knew, he didn’t like the thought of others being there that were waiting for a word to come out of her mouth everytime it was her turn, watching her every move like some hawk and judging her. Which leads to her being a bit too paranoid, only in that sense. But that's until one midnight, when it was raining extremely hard, she ran away, leaving her past behind her, and escaped to California.

2 YEARS LATER, she comes back from California to start anew, not trying to remember a single thing from his childhood. She begins her new life as a transfer student from California to Sakura Education High. There, she hopes to meet new people and have new experiences. Meaning: Things that she never gotten to do during her past. Perhaps while she carries on with this lifestyle, she would meet new obstacles as well.

Family History:
Ever since she was born, she was in a world where she would be confined to her home. Never really went out and never had some quality time. They would never eat together as one family. The only time they would all meet together are through company meetings. Her parents would always treat him as if he was some kind of trophy you would win in some competition. The only real family was her younger sister, Mikki who died in a serious car accident.

She has a weakness for chocolate pocky.
Fluent in Korean, Japanese, English, and French.

(Sorry, I got a little bit overboard with my application ^-^")

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pink_heart_13's Enrollment Apps

Satashi, Mika [ Last , First ]


YamiKaru [ DarkLight ]

1/8 French ;; 1/4 Japanese ;; 1/6 English ;; 1/8 British ;; 1/3 Chinese

Hair Color;

Eye Color;

5 ' 3

46 kg


OniTenshi [ DemonAngel ]

Mika in very stubborn, but at the same time cute. She had a fetish for glasses, so she is always seem wearing a pair, even though her eyes are at 20 / 20 vision. She is very much always hyper, loving to talk to people, but when someone is talking to her, she barely notices. She doesn't like following orders, and she'd rather not be at the school if not for her parents.

Mika's family was known for a lot of things, mostly for the fact that they owned her past school. At first, she laid low, and told no one about the fact that her father was the chairmen. Things started to go wrong however. One day, the day everyone hated. Parent - Teacher Interviews. Normally, they would be done in private, but her teacher at the time thought it would be fun to do a Parent - Teacher meeting with everyone. And although she said she didn't want to attend, her parents dragged her to it. At first, no one noticed, or maybe they did and decided to keep quiet.

The next day at school, a whole bunch of people came up to her, and started to ask questions about why she had kept it quiet. At the time she was quite shy, and didn't want to answer. They all though she was being cocky and kinda just pushed her away. She demanded a transfer.

Family History;
As per se above, her father owned the school. Her mother in a professional chef, so Mika excels in the culinary arts. She has an elder brother and a younger brother.

Mika is always really hungry, and she had 5 pets before, all which are dead.

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sasuke3345's Enrollment Apps

Name:Xion Kachiwa


Alias (make up your own alias mission name):Renegade

Nationality: English

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight:95 lbs


Races: ( if you dont know what's your races go on the pages to look at it ) Half dark angel half neko

Personality: Xion is very quiet. She doesnt really like it when people bother her. Her parents both died when she was young so she has been forced to live on her own. Shes always reading or drawing or writing. she keeps everything she knows about to herself. Shes a bisexual but never told anybody.

Background: Xion was known for alot of things. She was a famous author poet artist and many more. Sadly one day all of that came to a stop. when she stumbled across a tape her parents had made her before they died. The tape told her how if she one day recieves this message it will guide her to an estate that her family once owned and is passed on through generations.

Family History: Her mom dad and brother died in a car accident when she was 6

Extras: she has magic powers

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Yupina-chan's Enrollment Apps

Name: Yuko Cross

Age: 15

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Alice Francoise

Nationality: 75% Chinese, 15% Japanese, 10% French

Hair Color: Blabk-Brownish

Eye Color: Same as my hair, but they'll turn red when night.

Height: Average

Weight: Average


Races: Pureblood Vampire

Personality: Tsundere, kinda quiet sumtimes, etc..

Background: A mysterious girl who just transfered here, no one knows the truth that she's a Pureblood Vampire... She also lost her memory when she was in primary school so she doesn't remember her past a lot now.

Family History: Unknown

Extras: Her identity as a Pureblood Vampire is still a secret and no one including her know that yet.. (since she lost her memory)

Posted 7/19/11 , edited 7/19/11
Yupina-chan's Teacher Apps

Name: Arrietta lu Blanc

Age: 18

Which Class can you teach?

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Henrietta Francoise

Nationality: Japanese-French

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: Average

Weight: Average


Races: Half Vampire Half Witch

Personality: Kind, Nice, Friendly, Honest, Caring, etc...

Background: She lives with her adopted sister, Alice Francoise. Them met in the plane accident when their parents both died there. She found Alice who was lying down on the floor and she knew that she was avampire so she tok her with er and raises her. She hasn't told Alice that she's a Vampire.

Family History: Her family died when she was just arrived in Japan from French. They died in the plane accident.

Extras: Yuko Cross' adopted Sister

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xXkamakiXkamiyaXx's Enrollment Apps

Name:Kasumi Haruno


Alias:Princess Kasumi

Nationality: English

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'5

Weight: Average


Races:Pure-blooded Vampire

Personality: Sweet,cheerful,shy,clumsy,stubborn

Background: Kasumi is a Pure-Blooded Vampire Princess who parents died when she was young.She doesn't really remember anything about her past.But it seems her older brother might know something about her past,but is keeping it a secret from her.Her powers can be very strong and dangerous, thats why she was chosen to become Princess.So now she takes over her parent's place as the Princess of all vampires.

Family History:She has an older brother name Takashi Haruno.Hes very strong and can be very protective of his younger sister.

Extras:She can control the 4 elements:Earth,Air,Fire & water.

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KawaiiiLover's Enrollment Apps

Name:Real Name:Kara Chaisty Fake Name:Kara Haruno


Alias (make up your own alias mission name):HIDEAKI TAKESHI

Nationality:Half Japanese and Half British

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Blue




Races: ( if you dont know what's your races go on the pages to look at it )

Personality:sweet,elegant,nice,smart,stubborn at some cases,strong,hyper if you give her chocolate,shes very outgoing she makes friends easily,she could be really quite if something is bordering her.

Kara-chan is very strong she learned judo,karate,material arts and ect. she was know as Hideaki Takeshi with her secret sensei.She's also really smart she always get straight A's.Her weakness is CHOCOLATE she gets hyper and distracted by it.Her maids always look around in her room if there is any hidden chocolate.
Her dad is the king in Britain,when her mom was young she went to study aboard in Britain she met her dad there and married (theres more to it but to lazy to type).Shes a only child.Her mom is Japanese she grow up in a wealthy family in Japan .

Family History:Dad-Charles John Chaisty IIV
Mom:Kasumi Tanka Chaisty

Extras: Shes really strong so watch out and for her hyperness with chocolate!^ ^
Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/25/11
TheBlackFlash's Enrollment Apps

Name: Syoaran

Age: 18

Alias : Xero

Nationality: English

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 147.00


Races: Darkn Angel

Personality: Adventurous,Dangerous,calm,cool,shy,fighter,lover

Background: Died at the age of 13 and was ressurected by the reaper himself to do his bidding. Has a strong connection with life and death. Learned how to control time and space and is in search of more power. In order for him to obtain more power enrolled in this school.

Family History: Has a younger brother and a younger sister whom he is most protective over. Has a father who teaches him the way of the ninja. Has a gf whom he holds dear to himself.

Extras: Can manipulate time and space at will, Immortal, can summon upon will creatures of darkness.
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JCeex3's Enrollment Apps

Name: Jo Aerou

Age: 12

Alias (Make up your own alias mission name): Air Goddess

Nationality: 10% Korean 65% Filipino 25% Japanese

Hair Color: Raven Brown

Eye Color: Dark Chocolate Brown

Height: Average

Weight: Average


Races: Human (But if Goddess is available for a race I'm half that)

Personality: Shy ; Bright ; Smart ; Kind and polite

Background: Jo is a very shy and quiet girl who transferred from a mysterious different school. Though her personality is sweet, she hides a horrifying past. When she was younger, her family (Including herself) Was involved in an accident to which everyone's lives were lost, except for Jo's. Ever since then, she's been living independently.

Family History:
Rod Aerou - Father - Deceased
Jane Aerou - Mother - Deceased
Maria Aerou - Younger Sister - Deceased
Timothy Aerou - Younger Brother - Deceased

Extras: Is able to control the 4 elements (Air ; Fire ; Water ; Earth) But more powerful with Air
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DiamondandHeart's Enrollment Apps

Name: Aika Shirabuki

Age: 15

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Princess Arenia

Nationality: half japanese half chinese

Hair Color: purple

Eye Color: violet

Height: average

Weight: average


Races: ( if you dont know what's your races go on the pages to look at it ) pureblood vampire

Personality: she is really sweet and very pretty. She is usually very popular in schools.

Background: Aika is a pureblood vampire that was sent to this school.She has royal blood in her and she is a princess of the Shirabuki family. She was sent to school to make some friends and learn. But nobody knows that she is a princess because she kept it a secret.

Family History: Aika was born a princess of the Shirabuki family. She was also born with magical powers. Her mother and father loved her a lot. She also has an older sister that teaches her archery, and sword fighting so she is familiar with them and is an expert. One day, her sister died because something attacked her and before she died,she gave Aika her bows and arrows to keep forever and to always carry it with her nomatter what.Aika was in the forest when a creature came out of nowhere and and attacked her. She forgot to bring her bows and arrows and then she fell to the floor. Aika raised her hand before the creature attacked her and suddenly a magical sword appeared in her hands. She then killed the creature with that sword. When she went home, her parents saw all her bruises and decided to send her to school to be safer.

Extras:she can perform any magic(healing, the 7 elements, etc) and has a magical sword tht appears when she needs it

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SecretLetter's Enrollment Apps

Name: Mei Takahashi

Age: 15

Alias: White Night

Nationality: Japanese / English

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Fuschia

Height: 5'5

Weight: 116.6 lbs


Race: Demon

Personality: Mei is a very balanced girl. She's what most people would call, normal. Mei isn't boring, but she isn't extremely exciting either. It's quite easy to befriend Mei, but there are times where she'll refuse to even look at you.

Background: Mei was born into a very wealthy family, but no one in her household took advantage of that. She grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. Mei loved them both very much, but tended to stay with her younger sister, rather than her older brother for reasons such as the fact Sora was a boy and he only had time for his "male friends" and no time for his sisters. One year, when Sora was 19, he went to a party with couple of his friends, and was told to drop their sister, Ai, off at her friend's house for the night. Sora did as he was told, and spent the night over at hsi friend's house as well. The next morning he was to pick Ai up. He did, but he was drunk from drinking early in the morning, as well as exhausted. Halfway to the Takahashi house, Sora fell asleep at the wheel and crashed, killing both himself and Ai. Mei was devasted and had swore not to ever drink and drive, or party, ever. Two years later, when Mei was 13, her best friend came over to pick her up for their day at the beach. Mei's brother was supervising them, and he brought along his friend as well. They all spent the day at the beach, happy as could be and dissapointed they had to go home. Mei's best friend's brother had become drunk while at the beach, but no one knew, nor could they tell, atleast, not until he did a u-turn in the middle of the street and drove right into a truck heading in his direction. Mei was the only one to die from the impact, but Mei was given another life for her good deeds, but she would live as a demon with un-natural powers. Mei remembers every detail of her past life and feels pitiful for her friend's brother, because he has become an acholic. Mei has a huge problem with people who drink, smoke and party and tends to avoid those people, friends or not.

Family History:
Melissa Dyrin/Takahashi (Mother)
Daichi Takahashi (Father)
Ai Takahashi (Younger Sister)
Sora Takahashi (Older Brother)

Extras: N/A
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