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Accepted Enrollments Apps
Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/28/11
Rukka-chan's Enrollment Apps

Name: Lily Marie Evans

Age: 15

Alias: Singing Angel

Nationality: 100% British

Hair Color: Long and Blonde

Eye Color: Light Icy Blue but in the dark looks green.

Height: 5'1"

Weight: Average


Races: Half Wizard-Half Good Angel

Personality: Nice,Funny,Speaks aloud,Brave,Friendly,Smart (sometimes),Energetic,Loves to have fun,Studious,etc.

Background: Lily has always lived with her family and has always loved them.She was very sad when her older brother Harry was lost in an accident.No one knows how he was killed,they only found his dead body.She refused to believe he was dead and demanded they take him to a hospital.Now she id the oldest of the family and misses her brother far too much.She comes from a family of wizards,and she just happened to be an angel because her grandmother was one also,just like her.Her parents say they're very proud that she's such an intelligent and talented child.She's always wanted to be anything but that,but its inevitable.

Family History:
Mother- Alive
Father- Alive
Younger Sister- Alive
Older Brother- Dead

Extras:She can hide and appear her wings and her wand is always in the pocket of her robes.She also sings very beautifully.

Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/31/11
Keith_The_Awesome / koolgirl219's
Enrollment Apps

Name: Merry Nightmare

Age: 13

Alias: Dream Demon

Nationality: British

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5 ft

Weight: 71lbs


Races: Human

Personality: Impatient, Nice at times, Cold-hearted at times

Background: Merry had found herself in alley asleep, when she woke up she couldnt remeber a thing expect her name was Merry and that she was suppose to go to Sakura Education High. When she first arrive she tried to find someone to help her try to find about her past or how she lost her memory but no one would help her so she gave and she stop talking to people expect the teachers

Family History: Her parents use to always fight so she would go to her grandmother house and stay with her until they stop. Months had past and her mother and her baby sister left Merry and her father alone in their house, one day when Merry's father had came home drank so Merry tried to leave but he wouldnt let her trying to make her go to her room but she wouldnt listen and he tried to force but she fought back. Then her father had hit her serval times in the head making go unconsious making him think she was dead so he put her in a alley

Extras: She may be skinny but she is strong

Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/28/11
evil43's Enrollment Apps

Name: Rima Nagami

Age: Same age as Cherry

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Queen Bitch

Nationality: Asian

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: red

Height: 5'0

Weight: 19 lbs


Races: Human

Personality: bitch, slut, flirty

Okay im Rima Nagami the mortal enmeny of Cherry Mizu. I'm the same age as Cherry. And I am flirting with Cherry's boyfriend. And boy her boyfriend is a emo not even my type.

Family History:
My mom is dead. My dad is a live and working in a Liquor Store. My mom is half blood wizard and my dad is a muggle as a human. My mom died from cancer. And my dad i made him as my slave for sex. So that's why i dont like to say this but i make them as my slaves. And my dad who currently upset and angry at me.

Extras: n/a

Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/28/11
LolyCat_Nya_Jump_12's Enrollment Apps

Name: Akira Hinata

Age: 13

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Hikari tsubasa (Light Wings)

Nationality: Half Japanese , Half English

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: Average

Weight: Average


Races: Human

Personality: She has a good personality, Kind,and Caring.. She's also energetic and Funny..She has a lot of friends too.. She's a smart person and a quick person to remember her studies.. She's good with gun and she always bring it everywhere. She hates a person who want to become her friend just because she's smart. Beside her funny, cute and energetic personality she doesn't like a difficult Thing like Love ..So whenever her friend ask her who does she like she always said "I don't like difficult things" . The thing that she likes is to Photographing..

Background: She come from a Wealthy Family, She was born in japan but after she born she was brought by her parent to England... She got a a maid that the one who cared for her. and just when she was 4, her parent got a airplane accident while coming back from their work in French, she was really sad and become like a doll who can't feel anything until year later she was informed that her Dad was alive and live somewhere in Japan so she go to school in England until KG finished and when she graduate from KG ro Elementary School she moved to Japan to search for her dad and she also change her personality to make a lot of friend in japan. at first she only know English and then when she made a friend she ask them to tell her about Japan Language

Family History:
Akira Hiroshi (Dad)
Akira Hikari (Deceased Mom)

When Hinata got the information that her dad was alive, Currently her dad was already married to another woman. This is the family. (Also the 3rd icon the guy is her step-brother)

Kirose Riko (Step-Mother)
Kirose Kin (Step-Brother)
Kirose Hiro (Step-Brother)

Extras: Beside Gun, She can also do Martial Arts and The icon above is when she disguise herself (she like disguise her self into a lot of person!

Notes: Sorry if my Enrollment Post too long! :)

Posted 7/30/11 , edited 7/30/11
Hiyorinn's Enrollment Apps

Name: Elisha Däecher

Age: 15

Alias: Dark Joker

Nationality: Chinese-German

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Height: 152 cm

Weight: 42 kg


Races: Dark Angel

Out-going, Protective, Reserved, Loyal, Bold

Elisha's family belongs in the lower class. She was abused as a child and was sold to an upper class family. She became the Däecher's only child. Unlike her old family, her new family treated her like their blood daughter. She keeps her treacherous past to herself. She loves music and will protect anyone she considers family or friend. She will do whatever she thinks is right even if it is bad.

Family History:
Her Parents: Adela and Dierick Däecher

She can summon dark flames
Posted 8/27/11 , edited 8/27/11
kagomeroxs_2's Enrollment Apps

Name: Leya le Soiel

Age: 17

Alias (make up your own alias mission name): Scarlet Night

Nationality: 1/2 japanese 1/2 french canadian

Hair Color: pick

Eye Color: blue green

Height: average

Weight: average


Races: ( if you dont know what's your races go on the pages to look at it )
Personality: usually depends on who shes with and talking to.

Leya's family was of higher class then most people. She used to love it, having whatever she wanted since she was the only child. Her parents where murdered by her fathers busniess partner out of jealousy, since her father was loved by most. Leya actually witnessed it and became mostly withdrawn. So her relatives sent her to this academy hoping it would help her. She needed to diguesse herself though since her parents killer is looking for her. So she became good at it. She usually goes on missions and don't question them.
Family History:
father: Aiden Le Soiel (decesed)
mother: Sabrina Le Soiel( decesed)
Both was artistocats, and had a great deal of money so they was murdered.
Extras: Since shes a witch she can use magic but she usually doesn't unless its for a mission or she wants to play a trick on people. Shes usually seen playing her gutiar or singing.

Username: kagomeroxs_2
Gender: female
Why do you want to be a student here?: because it seems fun
Face Claim? (ex. Amu Hinamori , Shugo Chara ); Luka from vocalid
Have you read the rules? CAFEFULLY. ( yes or no ) yes

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