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- Important TK Info
- Voting
- Fandom questions
- Items of Interest

1) Team Placements - Who do you want to be?:

2) Any Suggestions for the Group:

3) Introduce Yourself!: B)

4) A few ground rules...:

5) [Archived] Announcements & Updates:

6) VOTE: Best Partner for Naruto Sai Vs Sasuke:

7) VOTE: Who is Stronger? Naruto VS Sasuke?:

8) VOTE: Who should Naruto be with, Sakura VS Hinata?:

9) Naruto Manga Readers *Spoilers beware*:

10) Naruto Shippuuden Anime:

12) Team Kakashi Banners:

13) who do u like sai or sasuke ?:

14) Which Character do you HATE the most and Why?:

15) do u like this group:

16) what will happen if naruto will join the akatsuki?:

17) Do you think Sakura is falling in love with Naruto in Shippuuden?:

18) What's your favourite ninja style?:

19) Who's your favorite Team 7 member?:

20) Make A Jutsu:

21) About The Teams: B)

22) Naruto Manga:

23) Favourite Quotes from Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden:

24) Do people like or dislike Sai? Why or why not?:

25) what do you think will happen to sasuke:

26) kakashi:

27) Funny Naruto Cartoons/Pics/Images:

28) VOTE: Which Naruto TV series do you like the most?:

29) Watching Naruto Shippuuden Series!:
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