Post Reply Anubis has struck again! Who will he kidnap next?
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Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/19/11
Ciel: Yep, he just kidnapped a little girl. Yeah! You stupid pedophile! Stop attack little kids.

Anubis: I am not! I am stuck at the Land of Dead thank you!

Ciel: Well then. Clue number one, the imposter is a phantom o.o Anyways, but yeah. A little girl has been kidnapped. Fucking Hurray. Just look out for Ginger Santa Clause. What is up with the kidnapping? Especially girls! Like WTF! I mean really? Why kidnap people? Your going to jail for it anyways! So whats the point!? Your only going to live like 40 years afterwards, or even shorter than that! Its so stupid anyways. You must be sending a message to the world saying "Hey look at me! I am a stupid pedophile! Please do come and arrest me now!" So yeah, its ticking me off. Also call the police if you find her, the people don't want you hurt or the poor child. Btw, her last location was Maryland
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