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Post Reply Baracks (Character creation)
Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/27/11
These characters are all Verus's generals.

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Posted 7/27/11 , edited 7/29/11
Name: David Saika
Alias: The Surefire Kill, The Black Crow, Magoichi Saika
age: 21
gender: Male
Class: Gunner
Appearance: A near six foot man roughly 5,10 with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Wears mainly black and blue clothing, no armor and has a more comfortable outfit for his movement. Carries many guns on a belt with one of the belts attachment around his right leg.
Strengths: An expert sniper and gunner, knows his way on the battlefield, intellegent and agile.
Weakness: At times his anger can get in his way, seems to have an inner problem with emotions though more open to the right people.


Weaponary: An array of guns which is carried on his belt, plus some hand to hand combat.
Element: Fire
Special Techinques: (Will add later)

Story: David was a lonely young man with no parents (they died before he was even a year old). He lived his life working as a leader of a group of renegades, though during a time being part of time when he was appointed under contract by the Imperial Army, he later betrayed them after the incident with Lightning and her sister Serah. In which he was responsible for their escape having been saved by them in the past, he was no longer a member of such an army after his band was wiped out, and now he walks alone hoping to search for people in order to kill the Imperial Army. The name Magoichi is given to every leader of the Sakia Clan and as such David inherited the name.
Other (May add more later)
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Posted 7/28/11 , edited 7/28/11
Name - Akemi Suimizu
Alias - [Will add later]
Age - 18
Gender - Female
Class - Archer/Hunter
Appearance -

Strengths - Quick learner, Agile, Knowledgeable, Keen vision
Weaknesses - Close combat, too trusting at times

Weaponry - Bow and Arrow
Element - Water
Special techniques - Elemental arrows, Water manipulation

Story - This young woman was born in the Suimizu Clan who is skilled in archery and the manipulation of water. They live deep in the mountains in a small village close to a waterfall. They have lived a tranquil life until the affects of war have forced them to move out. Now they are wanderers trying to stay alive and keep distance with the soldiers who have been fighting relentlessly. Akemi, one of the youngest and most talented in the clan, has decided to fight in the war to seek peace and prosperity in the land.

[I will add more later if anything else comes to mind]
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Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
Name: Sakura Munamori

Alius: she who walks between the cherry blossoms

Age: early 20's

Gender: Female (obviously)

Class: Mage

Appearance: I have yet to decided >.<

Strengths: well versed in spells she has a strong and unwavering will to get what she wants breaking the stereo type of women, she has a very good intellect as a strategist.

Weaknesses: her physical strength is not that great

Combat: tomes (duh) also she has knives also the very cherry blossoms themselves

Element: Still to be decided

Extra: Sakura was brought up in the Munamori clan they were a small country a patch of land their army was not that strong, she lived on watching the blood spill battles went by she forfilled her role as what she could do though she was always keeping a hold of her life the cherry blossoms around her are her very trademark her calling card she loves the cherry blossoms as much as life its self although for this strong willed woman do not be fooled she is strong minded, her land has always been taken over in some form or another when her parents were alive then one day they were killed in a brutal battle, it is said that she was brought up well and with battle knowledge she was eventually to get over the grief of her families loss she decided to make herself the commander of the remains of the army she had they had each other and wanted to get strong though for herself her intentions are unknown.
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Posted 8/14/11 , edited 8/14/11
Name - Hayato Saori

Name - Saki Hiyama

Name - Taisuki Kariya

Name - Visconti Alaude
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