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[translation] Takahashi Ai in Fukui: Koko wa Furusato, Tabisuru Radio

17 July 2011

credits: kurikaesu.haru

View Postlovemusic, on 16 July 2011 - 02:51 AM, said:
Radio show:
Koko wa Furusato, Tabi-suru Radio 110714

Thanks to lovemusic for the link~ This was a little rushed...corrections are welcome~

Broadcast from Fukui University

H: host
T: Takahashi Ai

H: It's MM's leader, Takahashi Ai!
T: Good afternoon, everyone~ I'm ba~~ck~~!
Audience: Welcome back!
H: Ah, how wonderful. Today you're wearing a black-and-white checkered one-piece mini-skirt. How cute~ And your hair is blond!
T: Yeah, not so much now, though. It used to be even more blond.
H: When did you get here [Fukui]?
T: About 3 days ago.
H: Are you ok with the hot weather?
T: I'm totally fine, but everyone, are you ok? It's hot, huh? I'm so sorry.
H: Have you been to this college campus before?
T: No, I haven't. This is the first time. Earlier I heard that there are 5,000 people here.
H: How does it feel?
T: I haven't attended college, so I was just looking around, wanting to see what campus life is like.

H: We'll tell the audience about your profile once more.
H2: Born in 1986 in fukui, she's now 24 years old. Loving singing and dancing since she was little, she appeared in NHK's BS Junior Dojiman show when she was in first year of middle school. She sang a song called “Ai wa Nagou Egao ga Mieru Basho.” It was the Best Stage....Best Sta--St--[the host stumbles on his words]
H1: What's wrong?! Are you nervous?!
H2: Best Stage show.
T: Yeah. Thank you XD
H2: Please excuse me.
T: It's ok~
H2: Then when she was in third year of middle school, she was chosen in the Morning Musume audition from 20,000 participants and then became known as the one who speaks Fukui dialect. Starting 4 years ago, she's been pulling MM along as leader. She will graduate from MM at this fall's concert tour.

H: When coming back to Fukui, does your dialect come out?
T: Yeah, it does.
H: Please let it come out a little.
T: Eh?!
H: What's your favorite Fukui phrase?
T: “Ochokin shinema” lol. My parents often tell me that.
H: “Ochokin shinema?”
T: It means “sit properly.” [The traditional formal way of sitting in Japan.] My mom often says it to me when she's mad at me.

H: Let's talk a little about Ai-chan's childhood. When you were a child, what did you often do for fun?
T: Roller blades...It's with 4 wheels? Roller skates have 4 wheels, too, but the roller blades...they're in a single line...So I would run around the neighborhood in them.
H: It was quite popular, huh?
T: Yeah, I'd race with the neighborhood boys and such. I was a tomboy.
H: Ok, next question. What was your favorite school subject?
T: The first branch of science? [Not sure what she's talking about...must be particular to Japanese school system? From what I can gather, she's talking about two general science categories...and she's trying to remember which one she prefers]
H: What's in the first one?
T: The first's the easier one, right? Or maybe it was the second one?
H: Like animals...
T: Ah, the one with that the second one? Ah, it's the first? It might be the second one! The one with the insects and stuff.
H: How were your grades?
T: Ah they were bad. Average? Around the lower part of average? They were so-so.
H: Ok, next: your favorite Fukui cuisine.
T: Sauce katsudon. I even ate some earlier.
H: Because you've said you love sauce katsudon, it's now known all over Japan.
T: When we come to Fukui for a concert, the fans eat some sauce katsudon. The members eat some, too, and say that it's delicious. I'm really glad.
H: By the way, what did you have for lunch today?
T: Sauce katsudon!
H: I see! Ok, your favorite scenery in Fukui.
T: There's lots of greenery and I love it. I really like the cultivated fields. Even in my hometown, it's all fields, so when I see that, I feel at ease. There aren't any where I live in Tokyo, so when I see fields and farms, I feel like I've come home.

Questions from fans
H: We received a lot of questions for Takahashi-san on our homepage. Here are some.
“I've decided to visit Fukui in September and want to try eating sauce katsudon. What other places in Fukui do you recommend I visit? Any other local specialties?”

T: Hmmm...where? The stadium? I used to go there often.
H: What do you do there?
T: Have some grilled eel and play around. Please try it.
H: Next question: It's been 10 years since you left Fukui. Is there anything about Fukui that you realized upon leaving that you are proud of?
T: There are a lot, but...Well, the language is important. I thought it was the standard, you know. I didn't think it was just a dialect in Fukui. When I went to Tokyo, I realized it and thought I should treasure it. Also, the people here are great. When I come back and ride the train, people are like, “Ai-chan~~! How are you?! Working hard?!” So I'm like, “Ah, I'll work hard!” It brings a huge smile to my face. Everyone's really warm.
H: That's great, huh?
T: I'm very proud of it.

H: Next question: I've become a fan of Takahashi-san after hearing her sing and dance and perform on stage. Please tell us how you do it with all your might without giving in to the pressure.
T: I'm not good with pressure. When I'm nervous, for starters, I just scream. Like, “Ah! Oh no!” I have fun while being nervous. I can face the performance if I just say it out loud. I also play around with the other members.
H: And you're the leader. How many members are there?
T: There are 9 of us.
H: And you're the one who has to lead them, so it must be difficult, huh?
T: Not at all! lol. I'm often told that. When I became leader 4 years ago, I was still like a teenager, not reliable, not leader-like at all. I didn't know what to do. I didn't think I could lead. But when I tried it, I realized that I'm not alone. It's not just the leader that makes the group, but everyone. I was supported by everyone. There wasn't much of “Let's do it this way....Let's do it that way,” just because I was leader. The members all helped me.

H2:Last question: From Non-chan. I'm a third year student at Fukui University. I want to become a teacher in the future. Please tell us about your duties or way of dealing with the members as leader of MM.
H1: Third year student in Fukui University....meaning she could be here...Ah, the lady at the very front!
T: Ah, thank you! Non-chan!
Non-chan: *squeal*
T: Ah, thank you!
H: So please tell us.
T: Hm, I wonder what! But...I can't really get mad at people. Are you good at being angry? No? Yeah, you don't seem like it. You seem really kind. Ok, so maybe like, “Isn't it like this?” lol. It might be better to teach them in such a way that they don't think you're angry at them. Was that ok? Sorry~~ Non-chan don't cry~~

Letter from Grandma
H: We really received a lot of questions but we can't get through them all. Thank you very much!
T: Thanks everyone!
H: Takahashi-san, today, secretly from you--
T: Huh? What?!
H: From Takahashi-san's grandma--
T: Why?!! I didn't hear about this!!
H:...Because it was a secret. We got a letter.
T: Eh?! Why~~~
H: I'll read it now.

Ai-chan, good job everyday. Ai-chan who works so hard has become an adult. This year, it'll be 10 years since you joined MM. Congratulations on your graduation. Grandma is just so glad. You've gone through a lot, huh? Even when you were sad, lonely, and going though a hard time, you didn't complain at all. Let's never forget that time. Please move forward to your next dream. But take care of your body and don't work too hard. Grandma will always be with Ai-chan. From Grandma

T: Thank you.
H: How old is your grandma?
T: 60-something? About 64?
H: She's always been watching over you from Fukui.
T: When I first left, she came with me, too. I was really sorry and felt really bad about it. I'm really grateful for her support. I'll treasure her!
H: Here's the letter.
T: Thank you. I'll read it carefully.

H: Leaving for the capital at 15, it must be worrying.
T: Yeah, I was homesick, too. I've always lived in Fukui and didn't leave much. I wanted to come home, but I was supported by everyone and I wanted to work hard for them.

*Ai-chan sings Furusato*

H: That was “Furusato” by Takahashi-san. To Takahashi-san, what kind of place is Fukui?
T: A place to come home to. Because I have a place to come home to, I am able to work hard. It's very valuable.
H: This fall, you're gonna graduate from MM. From now on, how are you gonna go forward?
T: I'll be moving on not as Morning Musume's Takahashi Ai, but just as Takahashi Ai, so I have a lot of worries, do I say it...Well, because I have my hometown, because I have a place to always come home to, I'll keep that in my heart and do my best in a lot of things.
H: Yeah, even in such hot weather, everyone came here today to support Takahashi-san. From now on, too, please do your best.
T: Thank you everyone!

*random talent contest?*
They ask Ai-chan if she can whistle...she says she can. She tries to demonstrate, and fails spectacularly XD

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