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Posted 7/19/11 , edited 7/19/11
Heya folks as said in the description we are an open minded group and well this is your turn to stand up and be counted! What do I mean by this? Well having seen and been in many RP groups myself I have seen many different styles of how RP groups run their RP's but I haven't seen an ideas thread as much after all this is your RP as much as it is anyone else's and your input could improve the group and feedback is always welcome, constructive feedback though please!

Certain aspects you can think about:

How can I help Improve the RP? What different Ideas do you relating to story plot, the layout of the group needs, should it be more of a game style or RP.

Idea's of how we can arrange certain types of people, should ranking be introduced, should an armory thing be introduced?

Should there be anything different that we need to add in to make the RP run smoother?

any thing you can think of would be great appreciated. Thank you!

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Posted 7/19/11 , edited 7/19/11
Hmm alright lets see well I think I can come up with a few ideas, alright well lets see....

Storyline could be something like this.... War has spread across the continent for many a decades, so many have fallen to the hardships and due to this no one has lived in peace for many years. The continent is corrupt and death is known around everyway, as the gods looked down on this world, they decided to purify the planet by transforming the ones without sins to crystal whilst letting the inpure to fight in an eternal hell. Or so it is belived? Soon enough a group of people discover that things aren't as they seem and now they must discover the truth of what happened to the world, whilst fighting through complete and utter hell. Are Gods really as pure as they are to believe? Plus in the end will the world crack like the fine crystal? Or will there be a savior among the wars?

In terms of arrangement of people it all depends, it all depends on where everyone is at once and to discuss many different storylines with each other. Rankings and what not are all good I don't really mind.

Posted 7/20/11 , edited 7/20/11
Hmmm... I've come up with some although I'm sure you guys can further expand on this if you'd like:

1] Merchant Stores or places to garner supplies and barter things. This may just sound minor, but it would be an added bonus for those that needs to stash something to their person in between travels .... or in between conflicts.

2] A neutral training ground ~ because surely, for some that needs added training before the heat of the battle or for those characters that journey on their own, there is always that need to be stronger. Its simply useful when youre not within castle walls even.

3] Armory ~ a place to have your weapons fixed, or if a character needs an upgrade, then this will be the best place to get em. There will be times that the weapons have to be left for a day or two to be repaired, depending on the damage wrought upon it, but that sure will add a good punch on a story for the character involved.

If there are any others I could remember, I will add them here.
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