[CONTEST] Avatar
Posted 7/20/11 , edited 7/20/11

About avatars for all APF people!


►Theme - You have to make two themes!
1. Avatar made from real life picture [ random picture, your choice]
2. Avatar made from any anime picture from our APF GALLERY albums!
► Size of avatar - 200x600
►Entries - two from per person! [real life + anime, first rule]
► DO NOT quote this post or /and ask any question here!!!

The best 10 will be choosen by Rebellious_poison [Maddy]. Then the best 10 will be posted in voting system! And will be voted by our APF members!


automatically becomes a person who will make avatars for APf group for whole MONTH!
►The best three avatar winners will get a free pass, WHICH can be used for free and unlimited requests!
10 choosen avatar entries by Maddy will get real life + anime pictures [ about 50 ]

For questions ask Rebellious_poison

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